Josh Horowitz Plays After Hours With the Breaking Dawn cast: Imprinting Time

MTV’s Josh Horowitz has some fun with one of the more unique aspects of the Twilight Saga


  1. That’s hilarious! Love the answers to the imprinting and Jackson’s face during the SM is a pervert question.

  2. AH! Rob’s read master of the universe!? XD

  3. Lov this game!

  4. hahaha Rob is so funny here! glad his personality is in full swing again! “psshhh, who’s Katniss Evedeen?” hahahaha

  5. I am amused by all of their reactions to the SM question. Thought their reactions were quite funny.

    And I think I fell even more in love with Rob with the waffle question.

  6. That was pretty awesome.

  7. Rob read MotU!!!!
    and Kellan is reading Fifty!!!
    GAH! love it!