Video: Liz Reaser and Peter Facinelli Talk Epic Battle Scene


  1. I agree with Peter. Everybody is freaking out about how there isn’t a battle between the Cullens and the Volturi in the books. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be one in the movie. Movies are not EXACTLY like the book , but it’s an interpretation. Im happy there is going to be an epic fight!

    • You are completely right. Movies are a visual medium, and much of the last part of Breaking Dawn is more of a mental battle of wills, versus a physical one. It is next to impossible to create a battle of wills mentally on screen and make it believable and dramatic.

      As I’ve mentioned before, had they filmed it just like the book, you would have two parties staring at each other, raising eyebrows, snarling, occassionally grunting, and then just walking away. This is not only anti-clamtic visually, it would make a horrible final battle for a movie.

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