Taylor Lautner Live Blog Breaking Dawn 2 Press Conference Q & A

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If he could go back in time what advice would he give himslef franchise wise

Soak up every moment it goes so fast

Dealing with renesmee how did you find caring vs creepy

Stephenie helped a lot with advice she said stop over complicating it. Just focus here and now. Life long bond that is brother sister right now. I learned not to think ahead. Bill did a great job too it’s delicate

Back in teh day what were your first impressions of Rob and Kristen

Doesn’t remember meeting Rob, I had no real scenes wtih im too mcuh

Kristen  was there when I cam ein mid way I was younges ton film that day. It was the scene on beach. I was awkaward (we were there we have video)

Taylor: I’ve grown up so much I started this at 15. I learned so much from differnt directors. Loved playing a character for so long He learned from Jacob: he loved him. He respect the character that he wised he had loyalty persistance. Will be tough to say goodbye

On bond with Rob and Kristen

It’s the biggest hing Ill take from this relationships

They are some of my best friends now

I know this will go on forever this cast meshed so well

It’s amazing and a miracle

On Wolfing out in front of Charlie

Awkaward but fun

I’m always naked and everyone else in clothes

Hilarious to film (having seen the moive it is terrrific)

On the wig—letter to twilight asked this

They did a franchise wrap on the wig

He was asked if he wanted it he said no, he now thinks he should have kept it.

Favorite scene to film

Kristen discovering he imprinted on Nessie

Weirdest eoncounter

more baffling was person who asked him to sign her arm and then she tatooed it “Man that’s deadication, sorry you did that”

Taylor on having to fight to keep role

It was all he focused on an wasn’t going to let anything happen

He had huge support from Kristen, Chris weitz

Doesn’t miss wolfing down all teh protein shakes, bugers, etc

On next project wants to challenge himself

He’s reteaming with twilight producers from something new thats serious and dramatic

On being serious and comic because movies filmed back to back

Hard to change  so radically

He loved playing new and peacful Jacob who knows who he is and where he belongs nice to smile once in awhile

Greatest thing learned about himself

Hard to choose one thing

As an actor learned so much from those surrounding him

As a person hard to tell

moving forward so thankful for teh franchise and the doors it’s opened

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