Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, Melissa Rosenberg Q & A

Closest to what Stephenie imagined in her head  when writing

Lee Pace as Garrett

Valorie Curry as Charlotte

Mia Maestro as Carmen

Stephenie: first vamp Bella scene filmed was Christmas Scene and Steph was doing a “quiet happy dace” because Kristen was so go as vamp Bella


Steph: ending isn’t alternative ending. Part of end are not Bella’s POV. There are things that happen but we don’t know it because Bella doesn’t see it

Step and Melissa over a steakhouse dinner figured out how to put in action but not violate the original story

Stephenie writes best at night. During day it’s impossible with kids being up. As to what is next for her it’s The Host.

On Humor:

Steph: everyting in tongue in cheek in my head, Bill has natural talent for humor

Melissa: BD1 not as much humor, but BD2 with new vamps especially Garrett give opprtunity for snarky humor, Taylor too

Stephenie on Nessie

Hard to figure out how to do it.

Needed younger actress who could act older

Thank GOd technlogy could do it. Mackenzie was old soul in young body. Unreal that she was 9 and 10

They CGied her face using Mackenzie’s facial expresssion on younger version

ON dream was she visited?—this interviewer is cwazzzy

No she doesn’t think she was visited. Stephenie wrote teh dream within 15 minutes of having it

Downside to Vampire”

Edward resists happiness, thinks he doesn’t deserve it. Has seen many unhappy vamps and doesn’t want Bella to feel that way

Big drawback it’s forever,  like tatoos “thinngs I was into 10 years ago thank God I didn’t tatoo them on my body”

It’s superpowers with a cost how do you deal with it all


Last shot was beach St. Thomas on midnight swim reshoot and they eneded as Danw broke literally


Does she thnk Jacob and renseme have kids what are they like

She has it all in there in her head

She now has the actors in her head in a sense they corrupted her imagination

She’s not sure if she will revisit them

Wyck Goddfery says we keep sending her George Luicus press releases


Krsiten awseom momma bear 

Mackenzie loved by all

Will she let others play in her universe

She says I don’t know I’m very hands on. It doesn’t always ring right, but in 10 years who knows

When asked if there will be travelling show of Props and costumes like the Potter:

Steph says you’d have to ask marketing team


  1. Thank you, Wyck, for sending Stephenie the Lucas press releases. Some mythical worlds should continue…

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