New Clip: Who’s With Me, Edward rallies the troops

New clip, Edward rallies the troops.


  1. it says error..can’t be viewed.. : (

  2. Vampire-girl says:

    I agree with Caryn although I think Edward fades out in BD book, there’s a huge chunk of Jacob’s pov when in my opinion Edward’s was more important, the devastation he would have felt about watching Bella literally starving and not being allowed to help.

    • But then we would have gotten all the wolf pack stuff second-hand, instead of straight from Jacob and that’s only the stuff Jacob would have been thinking about when he was near Edward.

      When Jacob refers to Edward as “the burning man,” I get it. And with Jacob talking to Bella and expressing his own impending loss…I think Stepehnie got it right.

  3. LOL @ Alistair: “We’ll see.”

    • i was goin to put the same comment 😛 I couldn’t stop laughing at that point. I can’t wait for the full thing, 2 weeks still seems so far away 🙁

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