Michael Sheen Breaking Dawn 2 Press Conference Live Blog Q & A

He’ll be up soon

On his daughter’s opinion of the book:

She originallly told him he was suppose dto be bald and was annoyed her dad was encroaching on “her thing”

She’s now OK with it.

On comic vs. evil Aro

He thinks he’s a sentimental old fool watching the yyoung and then kills them for amusement

He thinks Aro gets board and tries to amuse himself.

He actually even creeped himself out on how sadistic and ruthless and insanity he has

Jokes he has red eyes naturally.  He was used to it from teh underworld lenses. But it was the first time he had to wear them longer and his were larger than rest of cast practically colored whole eye. Someone else had to put them in whole audience is sqimish in the description

Looking at series through a TwiHArd’s eyes reflection:

In retrospect feels like he has an insider but oursider view. He doesn’t get recognized often until parents recognize him then their kids go crazy. He thinks fans like his daughter will really appreciate it

Thinks Bill Condon is sensitive to fans and Bella’s journey

He’s seen film twice he crys at the end “goodness knows what 14 year old girls will do”

On vamp camp

Enjoyed working with others

Loves vamp films and each generation reinvents it. 

Comparing Aro to Tony Blair

One is a self delusional psycho and the other is Aro

Aro has insaity that goes beyond Blair.

Battle scene:

Shot for weeks  in a sound stage.

He asked for a warm costume thinking it would be outdoors and surprise indoors in warm Lousiaina

on dance off was done to Sweet dreams by Eurithmics

Strangest encounter

in dressing room in LA came out to look in mirror and 2 young kids were there screaming at him ” And he thought “I’ll take these jeans I look good”

Advice to himself if he could og back in time:


Good talk to go to therapy to be on set around gorgeous young people. i felt like and old fat Welshman



  1. Wow. Who typed this transcript? The spelling is awful. I do adore Michael Sheen, though. Always so classy.

  2. xf1galaxy2 says:

    old and fat? OMG!! i think hes so fascinating and goregous!! i LOVED him in underworld!! and in twilight!! WOW!!!! don’t get me wrong, Im still ALL about edward, but there’s just something about this man!! thanks for keeping up with it all;)

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