Liz Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed Q & A

What would they want for their character’ s future

Esme wants a break. She and Carlisle will go to their island and let the kids run free

Jackson hunting in Africa

Kellan: Rose and Emmet hit the cabin and don’t come out

On new vamps

We would joke with them haze them a little

They were fans of some of the new ones like Omar Metwally, Maggie Grace, and Lee Pace

Liz was standing next to Omar and Rami for 6 week s as they planned battle they are good friends

Jackson pranked Erik Odom telling him they forgot to put in his fangs and sent him all the way back to the make up tent

Liz reser:

Esme has improved my style from sweats to pencil skirts

Jackson and Kellan on stunts

So much fun .

Liz hit Kellan by mistake. It intimidates her. She struggles with it

Nikki learned it’s more like a dance. There’s a graceful element to it. You also never know if what you did would end up in the final cut

Toni Trucks choreographed the dance sequence

best dancer Michael Sheen was crziest dancer he had the craziest moves Liz Reaser acts it out.

Kellan “Emmmett is the monkey man just like Tarzan”, talking on him upcoming role as that character.

Nikki on maternal instinct working with baby and what like working with kids on set

Nikki loves kids

She’s persoanlly not ready for kids at eh moment

She’s constantly impressed with McKenzie and how normal her and her mother was

She hung out with McKenzie’s family a lot having dinners they lived near each other on set

What would they give their character for the holidays and would they have susperpwers:

Nikki superpowers too nervewracking, what to give her (collider yells out bottle of Xanex all laugh)

Kellan Emmet new Jeep wrangle

Jackson Jasper gets gift card to blood bank for he can get snacks

Esme wants Obama to win and everyone be happy

Did they take anything

Kellan is this off the record

Nikki has nothing too much of a scardiy cat, but does have her baseball shoes b/c Kristen got them for her

On keeping in touch

Liz: Nikki is really good at connecting with all

Liz I’m in denial it’s ending I’ll have a meltdown in Decmeber

Nikki I feel really sad, It’s hard to comprehend it’s over. 

Do they watch other vamp shows:

Jackson likes genre in general, Gerard BUlter, Nosferatu, UNderworld. There are so many styles. LOves teh vibrant Vamp world and now this movie you see world expand.

Liz: Interview with a vampire is a favortite







  1. Jacksons prank with the fangs HILARIOUS !!! LOL

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