Bill Condon Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference Live Blog Q & A

Bill Condon’s priority was making sure it was a satisfying ending.

Hard to bring powers to screen.

Bill didn’t want Bella’s Power to be a “Wizard of OZ bubble”

Alec’s was a darker power we wanted a horror movie effect


Bill’ These movies speak to the achievement of Kristen Stewart” she was a badass warrior in the afternoon and an emaciated warrior in the mortning

Fight sequence challenges:

Bill jokes the sequence we aren’t supposed to talk about

Whats hard is this battle sequence is there are no horses, banners, only way to kill these people is physically rip them apart how do you make that interesting.


Differnt tone from first movie

Completion  of Bellas story  more assertive.

Second part is a bit of an epic action movie with humor thrown in

Bill’s favorite vamp movie is Coppola’s Dracula

Bill talks about us being the most interactive fanbase and in Brazil there were photos 20 minutes after scene.  In fact these fan postings alerted them tot eh fact there were wedding rings missing in the shots.

Very aware he was making it for the fans.

Stephenie Meyer approved the battle sequence and cooked it up with Melissa Rosenberg over a dinner.


Is there an effect with Career post twilight? no


Just finsihed visual effects two days ago. renesmee biggest challenge. Jokes “she goes down the hall for a coke and comes back 2 inches taller”


Renesmee is a special creature, if she is a little odd it works because she is an usual character. They aged renesmee from a baby to circa age 8 visually.


They spent 1 million dollars on set containment making sure people didn’t physically breach the set.


Doubles of location:

London was New Orleans

Egypt in Baton Rouge


in big snow scene Bill felt like he was really moving chess pieces across the board like the novel cover.  The scene was shot inside a soundstage (having seen the footage you’d never guess that in a million years. The whole room gasped when he said it.)




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