Twilight Lexicon to Attend Breaking Dawn Press Junket Tomorrow

The action kicks off tomorrow around 10:00ish pacific time (these things can run a little late so use times as a guideline). Expected are:

  • the Cullen coven members, 
  • Melissa Rosenberg, Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer.
  • Michael Sheen
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Kristen Stewart 
  • Bill Condon

We will live blog the event internet connection permitting. Last year we had the chance to ask several questions during the event. If you could ask any of the above anything Twilight related, what would it be? Tell us in the comments, maybe we’ll use your question.


  1. A question for any of the Cullen Coven including Rob and Kristen would be in regards to all the new vamps and international Covens. Which vamp do they find the most interesting in regards to powers, the part of world they come from, etc? Which would they want to play if had a chance?

  2. Brianna Daniel says:

    If there was one thing in all of the movies they could do differently what would it be?

  3. To SM
    In Breaking Dawn book why is there no meadow? Its so prominent in all the other books.

  4. Question for Taylor where do you see you’re self in the next 10 to 15 years.

  5. From what you know about your characters, what do you imagine them doing 10 or 20 years forward from the books?

  6. Can the cast say one postive thing and one negative thing about doing the whole series …..and if they have learnt anything about themselves through doing the Saga ..x

  7. Lauren wallace says:

    My question would be for Rob, Kirstin, Taylor what is it like the saga be ending and do you wish that stephaine meyer would write another book so that the saga could continue?

  8. Lauren wallace says:

    My question would be for Rob, Kirstin, Taylor what is it like to have the saga coming to an end, and do you wish that stephaine meyer would write another book so that the saga could continue?

  9. To Stephenie-

    As the creator of these iconic characters from your dream so long ago and then after five movies spent with these actors, when you close your eyes and picture Edward and Bella, do you see the images from your dream or do you see Rob and Kristen?

  10. Mary Masen says:

    I have a couple of questions! 🙂
    To everyone : “What was the most memorable day on set of all five movies?”
    To the cast: “Many new vampire powers are introduced in the last movie. Which one would you like to have and why?”
    Enjoy the conference! 🙂

  11. charlotte says:

    Question for Melissa R: Which of the new vampires did she most enjoy writing for in this film and if she had to give one of them a spin-off who?

    So jealous you guys have seen the film can’t wait!!!

    • Twilight_News says:

      I adore this question! I have a one-on-one with Melissa Rosenberg on Thursday and I am totally asking her this.


  12. Jessica Maes says:

    Which character of the whole saga relates to your personality the most?

  13. are they going to do a spinoff twilight series? if yes, please

  14. Sarah Brooke says:

    this question is for Kristen
    Is there a scene from any of the books that you wish was written into the script?

  15. Jasper is such an interesting character. A book and movie of Jasper’s back story would be well received, I believe. Any chance of that happening?

  16. you can ask this to any character but I hope for the main ones:

    Now that the movies end here, can they (he or she) make up a following short story (or a guess) as to what happens next in the lives of the characters they play?

    Please and Thank you!
    P.S. if you see Taylor Lautner, please tell him I exist and I love him!

  17. So first off I am a huge fan!
    For everyone there: if there is another soon to be author who is writing a vamp book and wants you guys to be in the movie if it gets turned into one, is there any prerequests you would like to have for your character? Oh and thank you guys for the great five years you put into this, I look up to you guys a lot.

    Peter:once again thank you and your amazing, Carlisle is one of my top favorites, but what is the most thing or someone you will miss? And what i your favorite thing about Carlisle?

    SM:Would you ever consider to do like a reality tv show where you choose people who are most like a character from the saga and put th all together and give them challenges to face? If so I am there!

  18. Hello I am a huge fan!!! So excited to see Breaking Dawn part 2.

    My question would be for any or the whole cast:
    – Now that the end of the saga is coming to a close. What can you take from working with your fellow cast mates for all these years and what moment did you enjoy the most while working on this film?

  19. Chela Madison says:

    To anyone who wants to answer: You all answer a lot of fan questions, and are fans yourself, but you’re also somewhat separated from us (don’t get the chance to really BE with us all that much). If you could have a casual chat with some Twilight fans what kinds of questions would YOU want to ask US?

    Thanks for listening to our suggestions! Have fun tomorrow =D!!! Can’t wait to hear about it! The last hurrah!

  20. Patricia Justicia-Linde says:

    In addition to Stephenie Meyers, who selected the songs for the soundtracks of the Twiilight Saga? Have any of the cast members influenced the selections?

  21. Hi all! I have to Kristen:
    What role would be your absolute dream?


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