Press and Fans React to Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Screening

A group of press and fans saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night at a special screening. While everyone’s full-length review is embargoed until the movie comes out we were allowed to Tweet some general, non-spoilery reactions.

Jen Yamato of Movieline, a long-time supporter of the fans. She’s been following the Saga since practically day 1.




Steve from Collider, not a fan himself, but has always given Twilight fans respect and a fair shake.


Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood



Kate Spencer of


Laura from the Lexicon




Kimmy from His Golden Eyes


Alison from TwiFans


Amanda Bell Twilight Examiner



  1. I can’t wait!! In 14 days and 6 and a half hours I will watch it too!! 😀

  2. I don’t know how to react to the numerous mentions of humour. I’ve loved some of the laughs through the series. But, at the same time, I think some moments that are not supposed to be funny are forced. The Saga has always searched for an identity as a film series and Summit trying to make it a romantic drama comedy action flick has only served to confuse things and play right into critics hands.

    • having a few light hearted moments does not confuse anyone. all of them had light hearted moments it’s a balance between drama and a little humor

  3. I see so many people list Eclipse or New Moon as their favorite books. Why is that? I mean, there are PARTS of both of those books I love but I woudn’t say either is my fave. Just trying to understand.

    For the record, my #s 1 & 2 are BD & Twilight, respectively; the meeting & falling in love and the happily ever after.

    • I didn’t enjoy Twilight as much as the other books — it was kind of heavy on the swooning and teen angst, and I agree with Stephenie Meyer when she says that she wishes she could go back and fix some things, since she improved as a writer after that book. I liked Breaking Dawn, but I do feel that there weren’t many challenges for Bella — it was almost too easy for Bella to become a vampire, with few moments where I really identified with her like I had when she was a vulnerable human. On the other hand, New Moon had me crying with Bella and feeling every little emotion with her, and it introduced so many wonderful new concepts, from the werewolves to the Volutri. I also thought it was one of the better written books. Eclipse was just a fun book that gave a lot of beloved characters their moments in the spotlight. So I agree with earlier posters that New Moon and Eclipse were my favorites. (I personally liked NM the best.)

  4. Having met Bella through the books, the first thing I remember about her, and one thing that endeared me to her, was her sense of humor and sarcasm. The movies utterly lost that about her. I’m glad to hear there’s humor in this film – I think Taylor Lautner’s Jacob gets a lot of cheesy one-liners that make sense to fans but are forced and laughable to Twi-outsiders (and even some fans).

  5. i loved all of books an movies, but what i thought the movies didnt pick up on was the selfishness of bella wanting her cake and eating it, but i suppose if u have two handsome young men at ur beck and call we wld all love that, its just that she hurts edward in her love triangle but he wins in the end more than he thought was possible for him,and thats what makes it a great love story so looking forward to bd2

  6. Christina says:

    Can you give us a tiny hint about the scene after the credits?? >:D Any of what fans have been speculating on the right track?

  7. Chela Madison says:

    The anticipation is too much!


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