Exclusively and Yours Forever TV Spot

The Official Facebook Page just posted this latest video.


  1. WOAH! After this video a selection of other videos comes up. One called the “Alive TV Spot” has mostly final battle sequence stuff I haven’t seen yet and it made my jaw draw open. A sample: Felix leaping at Bella and Carlisle yelling “LET HER GO!!!” eep!!!

    • YES! I saw that one last night on TV. I was starting to fall asleep, then BAM, wide awake! I am so excited, counting down the days! I cannot find the “Alive TV Spot” anywhere on line though. Do you know where I might find it?

      • If you go to the offical movie website, they have several of the TV spots posted including the “Alive TV Spot” (the website is breakingdawn-themovie.com).

  2. In one close up, her eyes are green, which makes complete sense, because you add brown contacts to red eyes, you’ll have green tinted eyes, not brown. The red is to intense to not bleed through the color.
    I believe KS has green eyes in real life. I wonder if she’s not wearing contacts in that scene.

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