Breaking Dawn Part 2 Actors Talk Show Appearances Revised

Jay Leno

Oct. 31:     Taylor Lautner

Nov. 5.      Kristen Stewart

Craig Ferguson

Nov. 2:     Michael Sheen

Nov. 12: Nikki Reed

Jimmy Kimmel

Nov. 5: Robert Pattinson

Nov 9: Stephenie Meyer

Jimmy Fallon

Nov 7:    Kristen Stewart

Nov. 8:   Robert Pattinson

Nov 9: Taylor Lautner

Live With Kelly And Michael

Nov. 7:      Kristen Stewart

Nov. 8:     Robert Pattinson

Nov. 9:     Taylor Lautner

Today Show

Nov 7: Robert Pattinson

Nov. 8 Kristen Stewart

Nov. 9: Taylor Lautner

Ellen Degeneres

Nov. 5: Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser

Nov. 6: Nikki Reed, McKenzie Foy

Nov. 9: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner


Nov 13  Kristen Stewart






  1. Will Ellen be airing on Tues. Nov 6th on the west coast? In Seattle, it’s usually on NBC and my DVR is telling me that it’ll be showing election coverage when Ellen is usually on…

  2. I think it’s really a shame they’re not doing a full cast appearance….or at least a Kristen and Rob interview.

  3. This is so not fair. Almost all the plans are switched around!! Kristen and Robert will be on the same night and I don’t know how I’m going to watch all of them.
    PLUS I don’t like how there are ONLY TWO cast members coming on Ellen day after day. Why can’t they just all come at once and have it be a happy, last appearance of the entire cast?? 🙁

  4. The today show on my guide does not have taylor listed for nov.9 show.

  5. Jackson Rathbone is on Ellen on Nov. 8

  6. Where’d you get the Conan one?

  7. I looked on Conan’s site. It says Kristen’s gonna be on the 14th and Kellan on the 15th.

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