Video: New Clip “Welcome Home”

Here is a new clip from Breaking Dawn Part 2 hosted by EW called “Welcome Home” where Bella sees the cottage for the first time.  

Just as a funny story to add to this, my daughter watched this clip over my shoulder.  She’s 8 and knows just enough about the Twilight Saga, but not all the more adult details.  (And she’s MAJOR Team Jacob, By the way.)  Anyway, after watching this clip she said, “Wait… vampires don’t sleep?”  I said, “Nope!”  And she said, “Well, at least they can lay down on the bed and rest!” Oh… if only she knew!  



  1. Ekkkkkkk!!! So excited!! But sad at the same time 🙁 it’s a bittersweet feeling!! Love Twilight!

  2. I am going to figure out how to make that line into a ringtone and use it as my wake up call. Too bad it doesn’t come with those long, lightly caressing fingers too.

  3. I can’t watch this!! Ahhhh!!….okay just like 5 seconds of this… That’s all…

  4. What does Edward say before bella says vampires don’t sleep?

  5. anonymous says:

    please! Pray that with all the videos we have so far, there are some more sexy moment between E&B!
    And this clip seems to have be cut right? (just before they enter to their room?)

  6. Um, I think I need a cold shower …

    • me too! my imagination is pretty good but E & B together make it so much more and like Tena Young above says, I can’t breathe either. should probably wait for the shower so I don’t pass out in there. HA!

  7. rosedahlia says:

    They just had to cut it at the best part lol.

  8. When this come out on DVD/BluRay, I have a feeling that this may be one of the most rewatched scenes of the whole movie.

  9. I’ve been successful so far in not watching anymore clips for the last week or so. I have been reading the comments and those are fun.

  10. He has one random hair sticking up…

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