Video: Green Day The Forgotten from Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

Here it is the Green Day track from the movie interspersed with scenes.


  1. This song makes me remember all of the years I’ve spent with Twilight it brings tears to my eyes . I will never stop loving Twilight and I will never forget the joys its brought me and so many others. The movies may be coming to an end this November but it lives on forever with us , the fans .

  2. As if I needed to be reminded that I love Green Day. Fantastic!

  3. rosedahlia says:

    This song is amazing. I couldn’t stop crying. Two weeks never felt so long ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. TroysMyAngel says:

    this song feels more like its for the fandom and the over all experience than for the film. not that that’s a bad thing^-^

  5. sigh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Wow! That is why I’ve been a Green Day fan since I was in high school. They just keep getting better and better with their music and they couldn’t have picked a better band to headline the soundtrack. Love the song and how it fits in with the story. This was the best birthday present I recieved today and I have to say I did get some pretty cool gifts today.

  7. I’m not sure what I think of it. I’ve been listening to Green Day since I was in highschool in the 90’s, so to hear them on a Twilight soundtrack just seems odd somehow. The song itself is okay, maybe after I see the film it will fit better for me…

    • YES Lisa! I feel the same way. I love Greenday, 90s Greenday. The song feels ‘forced’ somehow. like this is the song, that is supposed to sum up the whole saga? It’s too main stream too. Too main stream for what I’ve come to expect of the soundtracks and too main stream for real Greenday. Are they toop old to rock it? Are we too old and have to settle for easy listening sorta Greenday style? Someone else mentioned that the song feels like more of a wrap up of the whole saga, maybe a farewell song to the fans more so than a part of the movie music. Kinda lklike the Seinfeld wrap up song (which was so much better!!!)That makes more sense to me, but Greenday, 2010’s Greenday on a Twilight soundtrack, strange.

  8. That was really good. I didn’t expected to be honestly. I was very pleasantly proven wrong.

  9. Absolutely beautiful, Thank you Green Day!

  10. That was an amazing song!!! Simply beautiful!! This song reminds me why I love Twilight!!! This song moved me to tears. Twilight will always have a special part in my heart. Twilight will live forever within the hearts of the fans!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

  11. Twilight Nymph says:

    That’s an amazing song from Green Day. I’ve been a fan since high school and they amaze me every time. I think this song goes great with the saga, it represents the theme well and I agree that it does remind me why I love the saga and it gives me a reason to like Green Day even more. I can’t wait for the soundtrack so I can have this song on my iphone.

  12. Amazing song and it’s perfect for the movie. It’s a nice way to finish this saga which brings tears to me, but i will always love the story that brings happiness to mylife when I desperately need it.

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