Most Important and Influential Moments of the Twilight Fandom?

The final Official Convention for the Twilight Saga is going to take place this weekend.  Lori (Alphie) is going to be there to discuss being a part of the fandom for over six years.  But we want to hear from you to make sure we cover all the top moments.  Everything is up for grabs here: Book signings, book releases, movie casting, movie releases, websites, premiers, Comic Cons, and pretty much anything else you can think of could be on this list!  We’re hoping to pull together a Top 10 Twilight Fandom Moments, but we really need your help.  So leave us a comment and tell us what you think were the three biggest stories to hit the Twilight fandom in the last 6 years.  And be sure to join us at the convention this weekend where we will talk about your choices.  


  1. I think, at least for me personally, the big moments in the Twilight fandom I can remember the most are things like the Eclipse Prom, the BD tour Steph did with Justin Furstenfeld, SM Day in Forks, and all the red carpet premiers, and some others.

  2. One of the big moments for me was the tour with Catherine Harwick to the. Real sites where twilight was film
    That is an experience I will never forget

  3. 1. When the film was announced.

    2. When Midnight Sun was pirated/pulled.

    3. Clearly, when the was launched.

    Bonus: Whenever it is announced that more books are coming…

  4. For me the most important thing is the moment when I discovered it. I think for everyone else it would also be but in different ways like the moment when you decided to open that book or chose to see that movie in the movie theatre. Also when Midnight sun was illegally leaked. Also the first premiere and for each person, the first time you went to a marathon or a midnight premiere. I can’t of anymore right now because I want to see the new clip but I’ll think of some later.

  5. 1. Breaking Dawn coming out
    2. Twilight the movie
    3. Comic Con
    4. Midnight premieres and red carpets
    5. And hopefully Stephenie writing more books and releasing Midnight Sun a girl can hope 🙂

  6. First, that 4 more films were made after the first one. Twilight was hugely successful financially thanks to the book fanbase. But no one can deny it has problems. Awkward line delivery, makeup issues, rushed storyline. I love the film and can push aside it’s problems because I love it, but I understand why non-fans think it sucks. I can’t even really put my finger on why I love it. If the studio were going by ratings instead of dollar signs, there would’t have been more films. Second, that such a phenomenon was created from a fantasy romance series. Being a Twilight fan is right up there with being a Trekkie, Star Wars fan, Whovian, Potterphile, or LOTR fan. Look at the genres of the other things with such big fanbases. Is there another romance series? Third, like other said, Midnight Sun. To hear about the possibility of another book that simply didn’t come to be is one thing. But to read it, really enjoy it, and find out it’s likely you will never read the rest is another.

  7. I may not be the best person to suggest anything, but in my own little twi-verse existence these are the three things I remember most clearly that seemed to be “BIG NEWS”

    1. “twilight” the movie: I think this is when the floodgates opened, bringing in a whole new, and much larger batch of fans. When I saw the first trailer at the movies, I had just a vague memory of giving the books a glance at the bookstore. I was so taken by the trailer (and later the film), I bought all books and read them all in a week. I was hooked!

    2. The “Midnight Sun” Leak/Stephanie Meyer posting what she had written on her website: This was equal parts exciting, and depressing. Exciting that we got a MUCH DESIRED peek into Edward’s mind, his thoughts and feelings toward Bella, and what he was going through with his bloodlust. Depressing that we never got to see his version of the meadow scene, their first kiss, vampire baseball, Bella almost being killed by James, and Prom…and the possibility that we NEVER will. EPIC WIN & FAIL!! =\

    3. The relationship between Summit Entertainment & the Fans: I bet you thought I was gonna say Rob & Kristin, lol. Nope, there is a much bigger, all encompassing, and deeper bond that was birthed by the films. Summit Entertainments unfailing loyalty, reliance, and respect for the fans of the “twilight” series was, and is unequaled by any other movie franchise, EVER! And, that goes both ways. The Fans in turn, came out in droves! To the websites, specialty stores. media, conventions, and of course, the movie theaters (most multiple times)! Giving Summit our opinions (and they listened), our money (BILLIONS), and our devotion turning Summit into a POWERHOUSE movie studio, the eventually merged with Lionsgate. We have now set the new standard, between film studio, and consumer. And, it is a HIGH one, that I doubt many will accomplish.

  8. Meeting fabulous friends which will always be high on my list. Conventions, Catherine Hardwicke tour, seeing Forks, going to all the Twilight sites and getting a guided tour of Kalama school by a teacher, Comic Cons, meeting SM twice, BD1 premiere and expecting nothing but was overwhelmed by wonderful events, Hanging with Jack and Erik last year, Hot Topic meet and Greets, Kellan Lutz movie premiere guest list……Watching Lori from Twilight Lexicon blow me away with her Awesome singing and Laura from Twilight Lexicon with our custom designed chucks and friendship. I could go on and on…..Thanks to Twilight…..I am now a lover of books.

  9. My personal important Twilight moments, some would apply to fans in general:

    1. Reading Twilight and not being able to put down. Borrowed the first, went and bought the whole series and finished within a week.
    2. Finding Stephenie Meyer’s web site, then the fan sites, especially TwilightLexicon and then the fan fiction sites. Nice to catch up with fandom. Sad and angry to read about Midnight Sun leak, cool to read Edward’s side.
    3. Being inspired to write Twilight poems and actually writing them and being accepted to post on Ramblings and Thoughts. Eventually starting a blog to write about Twilight, life, and post my poems.
    4. Attending Eclipse marathon and midnight release.
    5. Watching the movies on DVD before Eclipse release. I did not like Twilight the first time. It was only after watching the extras and the commentary on second viewing that I thought it was ok and got New Moon DVD and watched it.
    6. Attending Creation TwiCon and discovering The Hillywood Show.

    For fandom in general:
    1. Stephenie’s dream and writing the book and her sister encouraging her to publish and getting it published and fans discovering it.
    2. Book releases, TwilightLexicon and other fan sites, Fan setting up separate TWS segment
    3. Movie being made and the casting, follow up movies being made with director and casting announcements, movie premieres
    4. Midnight Sun leaked
    5. Discovering The Hillywood Show, the special proms / tours that all happened before I knew about it.

    Everyone have a great time for the next week or so with all the activities. Be Safe! Enjoy! and let fans know about it all since we all can’t be there.

  10. The Old One says:

    1. The casting of Edward. This was so crucial! You try to imagine anyone but Mr. Pattinson in the role, the actors who were speculated to be the 2nd, 3rd choices, and you know Twilight the movie would have been forgotten and the others not made. That “magic” audition on Hardwicke’s bed we’ll never get to see!

    2. For me, going to see the first Twilight as a lark with a friend and her teenage daughter, only having heard of it from reading a newspaper review. My life has not been the same since, truly!

    3. Fanfiction. The phenomenon of everyone wanting MORE of the universe that Stephenie Meyer created, mining every aspect of the story and characters, the same story told in a human world, etc., and the legions of fans gobbling up all this creativity inspired by Stephenie’s dream and keeping it alive.

  11. I agree with most of these, but I’m shocked that nobody mentioned the release of the first New Moon trailer, when we all saw the wolves for the first time — when Jacob jumped and became a werewolf in mid air. There was a collective gasp and squeal from the whole fandom. I think that was a jump watched around the world, moreso than any trailer before or since.


  13. Too many choices!
    1. Eclipse prom
    2. Quote of the day for Breaking Dawn
    3. Movie announcement for Twilight
    4. The announcement that Kristen Stewart is Bella
    5. The announcement that Robert Pattinson is Edward
    6. When Twilight came out in theaters
    7. Every record that we broke
    8. Twilight coming out as a book
    9. The first promo shots of the Cullens
    10. The first Twilight trailer
    11. Midnight Sun being leaked

  14. Chela Madison says:

    1. Meeting Stephenie during the Breaking Dawn book tour. Particularly hearing her talk about how the song “My Never” fit in with Jacob and Bella’s relationship (the line “Will you think of me, in time?” KILLS me), and having her sign my book (those times when I think I’m above being a fangirl and then can’t speak when Steph says hello…).

    2. When the word “Twilight” came onto the movie screen at the first premiere. The sense of camaraderie with the other fans around me, the excitement that something we loved so much was about to be brought to life, and, let’s be honest, my heart racing as I thought “OMG! Edward Cullen!” (As a side note: the homages to the first movie that Bill had in Breaking Dawn Part 1 were so, so sweet.)

    3. The first Hot Topic Twilight tours. Sitting outside with other fans at 3 am, cheering when the actors walked through the mall, the rush of adrenaline when you walked into the room they were signing autographs in…good times.

    4. The release of Breaking Dawn (book). We did a countdown and everything at the midnight release I went to. Did anyone sleep after they got their hands on the book (did anyone sleep when they got their hands on ANY of the books)?

    5. “I just read this book called “Twilight”…” “I love Twilight!” The birth of genuine friendships.

    6. Going to Forks, WA, visiting the “Bella Italia” restaurant, signing their Twilight guestbook, and scanning through the other entries seeing the names of tons of other fans from all over the world (Ireland was on there y’all!). Feeling connected to lots of very different people because of a shared love of Twilight. Realizing how awesome Twilight and the Twilight fandom were.

    7. All of the “the lasts” (the last comic con, the last premiere, the last movie, etc). We’ve all had an enduring love for this series, and this has been such a fun, widespread fan base to be a part of!

    8. Last, but certainly not least, reading Twilight. The book that started it all.

    Have a great time at the convention!!

  15. I can’t even imagine the Twilight Saga without Midnight Sun (so critical in understanding), so def. its release/leak. But New Moon

    Also, the moment it was clear to fans that we were not only teenagers! Huge sigh of relief to be able to embrace my own people and share our common love.

    The ramp up of Twilight Fanfiction- I had immense craving for more so the stories get to go on w/o Stephenie but in the same spirit.

    And of course, sadly when I realized that the fandom (of the movies) is its own worst enemy. Responsible for the demand for the main stars, and as a result, the supply of horrible paparazzi and disgusting intrusion into their private lives. The latest incident leaves an everlasting dark cloud over Twilight films for me.

  16. oops, posted before i checked.

    I meant to add that the release of New Moon was incredible. I have read that book more than any other book, ever. i got R&J in high school, but I connected with New Moon in so many ways.

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