Summit Release Fan Camp Numbers for Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere: 2500 strong

A record-breaking number of Twilight Saga fans will participate in the SummitEntertainment-hosted fan camp at L.A. Live in anticipation of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 world premiere. Beginning Thursday, November 8th, diehard fans from around the world will begin camping for the chance to see the stars of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 walk the black carpet one final time at the November 12thpremiere at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre.

After a huge turnout last year with over 1,200 fans participating, Summit offered spots at this year’s camp to 1,500 campers. Due to an amplified response from fans, the studio increased the camp size to accommodate a total of 2,250 campers. This will be the franchise’s largest camp to date and will host nearly double the amount of campers from last year. In recognition of their loyalty, Summit Entertainment will host a series of activities over the four days for campers. Event details to be announced soon.



  1. Not really says

    I would not expect that many people to show up, those are only people who registered!!

    • Not really says

      That’s what happens when you open registration up to the whole world online.

      • Dann Barba says

        We are on group 6! thank God they opened space for more campers most of my friends have everything ready to go and we had to wait till past friday to find out we were able to go…

  2. I have a sister who is under 18 and is going to go fan camp but her parents are not going can she go without them?

    • Twilight_News says

      Only if she is with some other adult who will be acting as her guardian

    • According to the fan camp rules, minors under age 18 can only go with a parent and that parent has to be registered as a group leader. Not sure how they are going to enforce this but I am playing it safe and bringing my daughter’s birth certificate.

  3. waitlisted says

    Getting in after being waitlusted (typo but I’m keeping it) was amazing. Really great.

  4. Will summit be ablento handle that much people? What groups would be on the black carpet for sure? Or how are they doing it this year?

  5. Will summit be able to handle that much people? What groups would be on the black carpet for sure? Or how are they doing it this year?

  6. its going 2 b chaotic premiere w/ that many people. how is summit going 2 do the arrangement all of us to fit in the nokia?

    • Not all of them will show up. Last year for the hunger games premiere there were 3,000+ people RSVPd to go on the registration/facebook page. Less than 400 showed up. I’m sure it will be the same this time around.

  7. Hello there,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed about tent city. I do have one question though.
    My mother and I are part if a group scheduled to be at LA during the last group. My mother is handi capped and we need to know who to contact to find out what we can do in regard for her disabilities and time to be there. If you could please inform us ASAP, because we need to plan what to pack but can’t until we know how they will help my mother.

    Thank you,

    • I suggest you reply to the email notification you received. There is an email address in it that I used to inquire about some specifics and got a response back. Also, there is a FAQ document on the website where you registered for fan camp that includes info for disabled persons.

  8. Lexicon,

    I have emailed summit at the email address provided to inquire about handicap accessibility for both camping and the premiere and have heard nothing back. We’re leaving in a week and need to make sure I have all the details. Makes a big difference as to what we pack!


  9. PLEASE HELP ME!! I’m still waiting for the email about the waiting list…… I aply saturday at 12:30, the day when the webside was open!!! I know I was the firs and apply… why i not recived the waiting list email???? I not even said why I was not select??!!! I live and L.A. I have 3 kids, and I don”t have the money to travel….. is premiere all around the world, the people live in Europe they can go to the premieres there, IS JUST NOT RIGHT!!! PLEASE HELP US!!

  10. Aleisha Steptoe says

    I’m really really anxious now;-), more than before;-), I’m glad more people were added more happy twifans;-). Happy camping and I hope to see you all next week;-) And if you want to meet up there email me

  11. I’ve got a space open, my friend can’t go now his mom is in surgery. he was in charge of the Car to drive there and the hotel. I’m in group 6 so if anyone else needs a person.. please let me know!!

  12. Where is check in. Anyone know?

  13. My wonderful hubby is with me. There’s a fight Saturday night at staples center. Any other wonderful hubbys camping want to take an estrogen break and go?