Breaking Dawn Acting Human Clip

Here is the clip that was shown at Comic Con a couple of months ago.




  1. I’m glad this scene was brought to the screen. I’m very excited about seeing breaking dawn 2, yet, I’m also a bit sad to see the movies come to an end. I read all the books 11 times.. I own every movie and sound track. This was a beautiful romantic ride. Thank you Stephanie Meyer, for sharing your dream with us. Your beautiful story inspired me to write. One day I hope to share my beloved story with everyone as well.

  2. I’m glad we got to see it at last.

  3. This shows the humor we loved so much in the books. Very,very well done. I am so excited all over again waiting for BD2. Thank You for this perfect scene. The timing and acting came across so natural.

  4. I think there might be some tech difficulties…clip is not currently opening up. 🙁

  5. Best clip yet….

    But couldn’t someone have told the make-up people that when you put white powder on a person’s face, and not on their neck, it’s completely obvious and, um, weird looking?

  6. so looking forward to this movie, got all books read over an over,the story is so powerful an can hold the reader time an time again stephenie is a complete genius in her writing, there has only been one other auther who cld hold me like this jane austen. i have all movies as well so thank you at the end of this saga for a wonderful ride, hope u finish midnight sun it dosent need to be a movie the book will do,

    • I’m with you about Midnight Sun. Selfishly I would also like to see all of the books from Edward’s POV since there is so much that goes on that we don’t get to know about because the other books are from Bella’s POV. And besides, Edward is so funny the way he expresses himself in Midnight Sun that I can only barely imagine some of the other things he’s thinking. To get me through, I like to read fan fiction and some are remarkably well written and capture the same essence of Stephenie’s characters. But they are afterall her creations and I would love to see her continue them. Thanks again Stephenie for the great ride.

  7. haha! Just like the book: “Okay, I got it: move around, blink, slouch…” Except there was no Jasper to tell everyone to chill. ):

  8. Vampire-girl says:

    I liked it too, and Carlisle’s face was priceless especially when he was making the small amount with his fingers. I also liked that Kristen wasn’t blinking that much if at all and it is obvious she’s taking a lot of thought into how to act like a vampire. I noticed no Jasper or Emmett as well, so maybe they’re hunting together.

  9. This is only popping up the trailer. No special clip 🙁

  10. Did anyone else want to punch Jake in this scene? He’s the one who put her in this situation where she has to prep to see Charlie so quickly, and then he makes fun of her?

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