Video: Irina reports the Cullens to the Volturi

How do you like this scene that we don’t get to see in the book?


  1. Fantastic!

  2. i think she is great big tattle tale. that’s what i think!!

  3. Just how I pictured it in my mind!!

    how are they then able to kill her once they find out the truth about the baby? She obviously isn’t lying – he can see all her thoughts. *confused*

    • You see what a jerk Caius is. Killing her because she’s “guilty of purgery” against the Cullens is just a ploy to start the fight. Garret and Carlisle stop this from happening when they grab Kate & Tanya when they start to attack Caius. Everything by the Volturi after Aro sees Edwards memories of Renesmee being born is a ploy to take the Cullens down. They keep coming up with reason after reason that the Cullens keep striking down.

  5. The Volturi know that. They kill her in order to try to instigate a fight with the Cullens.

    • Even though there is no fight in the book?

      (Also thanks for answering my question)

      • in the book, the volturi or more Caius killed Irina because he wanted to and to get reactions from the cullens & her sisters…as for the movie we don’t know what will happen because obviously they change it to a battle and not sure if it’s just a vision or it actually happen so we will soon find out next month.

      • Once the Volturi find out that Irina was mistaken about Renesmee, they say they kill her because she told on them because she was angry about Laurent being killed by the wolves. In other words, she was motivated by revenge somewhat, plus she had lost her “mother” because of an immortal child being created. Though they could have forgiven her for her honest mistake, they killed her to incite the Denali’s and the Cullens to start a fight which is what the Volturi wanted all along because of their jealousy of the Cullens and Aro’s desire for power and to acquire certain Cullen family members. Go back and read the book. You you will understand it better.

  6. xf1galaxy2 says:

    sorry!! but OMG!! I just LOVE aro!!!!

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