Fandango Video New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Video Shows Added Fight Scenes

So what do you think of the footage?


  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!!! Love it!!!! ;-D Cannot wait!!!! =)

  2. Why spend so much time and money on something that didn’t happen? There are other things that are deleted to make room for this and that doesn’t make sense. Both parts are under 2 hrs and we are missing things that should be there.

    • I know right? But it still looks amazing and I can’t wait!

    • You knew, when the movies came out, that they were going to add and delete many things from the book. In opinion, I didn’t really like the standoff in the book. I prefer an action-pack climax.

  3. I’m excited for some “extra” stuff in the movie…something more to look forward to!

    • Me Too! We need something in addition to look forward to, plus they probably added the fight scence to gather other followers. In a movie thats had many connecting movies before it, it needs to be epic and it needs to stand out! Super EXCITED for November 15th, bc Im going to the marathon to see it early!!!

      • I totally agree with you. All the films have been adding and adding up to this point! Honestly, I would be a little disapointed if there wasn’t a fight with the Volturi!

  4. You can see Bella’s shield for just a moment right before she’s attacked by the Volturi!! If you pause it while she’s concentrating you see a kind of lightly colored haze around her!!!! Squeeeeeee!

  5. Though it wasn’t in the book, the fight scene looks awesome. 😀
    I’m so excited!

  6. Joygasm!

  7. What happen to Bella’s shield. I think this is Alice vision or if i remember correctly their powers cant get thru her shield but they can physically get thru her shield. So maybe that is what this is. I still think they should have stuck to what is in the book.

  8. I need a slow motion button.

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