MTV Twi-Fight Cast Your Round One Ballots Now!

MTV just started their Twilight fight. It’s the early brackets so far. you have to feel bad that poor Kebi drew Edward in round one. Cast your vote here.

You can also catch the handicapping of the contenders on Next Movie.


  1. I’m a little confused. How come you can vote for everyone of them? I thought it was just two characters per day or something. Not all at once…

    • It’s just like a NCAA March Madness bracket challenge. Like Edward vs. Kebi for example and Irina vs. Alec the winner of each will move on to the “Sweet 16” and be against each other. Then the “Elite 8” and “Final 4.” So pick your favorites and hope they make it to the end!

  2. I voted on a few but it takes sooooo long – with a new page loading for every single matchup, I gave up! Boo!

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