Breaking Dawn TV Spots: Surprise Charlie, Jacob Is a Wolf

This is really cool. You get to see what we only heard about second hand in the book!


  1. Aww, I love Charlie!

    • I have to agree. He is my favorite part of the movies especially, but also the books. An understated, yet just plain good character. He depicts the kind of people I love most, people with good hearts and no guile.

  2. saw that and totally squeed! i love that Condon is putting all the little things in!!

  3. I love Charlie too. I hope they kept some of the humor in the movie as well. So excited! Got my marathon tickets and now just waiting, waiting, waiting.

  4. Had to share….that was so awesome watching Charlie jump back like that! I can’t wait til November!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is there a video that does not require adobe flash?

  6. I really love the eyes changing color, and I’m super stoked about the premiere!!

  7. I freaked out when I saw Bella and Edward hunting!! ?

  8. Can not wait to see Charile and Jacob part in full . It looks like its going to be goooood.

  9. radiowidow says

    Ok, my family is staring at me right now as I literally just shouted out loud when I saw Jacob phasing in front of Charlie. I was really hoping that would be in the movie! I absolutely love watching Billy Burke play this role. I am so anxious to see this finale!

  10. Yoko Stevenson says

    OH MY WORD. Yes, this is going to be amazing. (And, yes, that was an understatement.) !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. That is brilliant! I’m so glad we’re getting to see it … if it makes the final cut.

  12. I can’t wait!!!!

  13. I hate that they make it look like Jake takes a swipe at Charlie as he’s coming down on his front paws. No wonder Charlie jumped back!

    • I don’t think it was intended to look like Jake was trying to hurt Charlie, but merely as he was going from a regular-sized man into an epically huge wolf, the space between them was greatly reduced.

      Then again, I’m pretty sure Charlie would have still fallen back had he been twenty feet away.

      At least he didn’t draw his gun and shoot the said wolf 13 times. :p

  14. So glad they did that with C and J. First time a part of book really wanted in movie is in. Thanks Bill!!

  15. Looking pretty epic. Fingers crossed.

  16. Loved Charlie’s reaction!

  17. Jill Lawson says

    Yes! The two most worthwhile characters together! Producers would have had a riot on their hands if they didn’t include this, my favorite scene from Breaking Dawn. And me likey older Jacob shirtless.