Attention Miami Fans Meet Dan Cudmore and Charlie Bewley Giveaway

If you are in the Miami area and would love a chance to see Dan Cudmore and Charlie Bewley at the event below, tell us in the comments what you love about them or Felix and Demitri and we’ll pick 10 winners tomorrow. Each winner gets a wristband for them and for a friend which guarantees you a spot for the autograph signing.





  1. For the last 3 years I’ve gone to see them at the cons and I fall in love with them even more each time. They are both such awesome guys ad love the fans so much. Can’t wait to see them next week! ^_^

  2. This would be an EXPERIENCE of a lifetime to meet Dan and Charlie. I’m a super huge fan of both actors, and a die hard Twi-fan!!!!! Please pick me!!!! :):):)

    Thank you

  3. Cassandra G. says:

    Dan and Charlie have probably become my favorites from the cast whenever I’ve gone to see them at conventions. I’ve loved them since the minute I met them 2 years ago. They’re both so charismatic and lovely to their fans, no matter what craziness they encounter at events. Besides their fabulously good looks and Charlie’s British accent, they’re extremely talented individuals and being able to say one last goodbye would be such a wonderful experience!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Twilight! I purchased airfare/hotel in March expecting to attend tent city/ premiere in L.A. But unfortunately I was not selected and I’m on a waiting list. The chances of anyone from Twilight coming to Miami is so random that this opportunity to meet some members of the the cast would be GREAT! Hope you pick me…Would Love To Meet Daniel & Charlie.

  5. Best part of the Volturi guard and what better way to end a month of horror than with meeting the actors that portray 2 of my favorite vampires?! Love Dan & Charlie!!!!

  6. Tina Pizarro says:

    I would love to meet Charlie and Dan i never met none of the twilight cast since twilight been out is odd but is true it will be a dream come true to meet them in person am near Miami it will be a great experience to meet them if you grant them a pass for me to go i will be nervous trust me i hope i win ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Katering F. says:

    I’ve heard such great things from these guys that I’d love to actually meet them in person. Plus I do love that it’s right before halloween. What better way to celebrate it than with some vampires. ;D

  8. I’m so happy both of these amazing guys are coming to Miami for the Q&A session! Wow, we are so lucky!

    Not only because I am Team Volturi but because these guys are so sweet to the fans, and I’m constantly hearing about how incredible they are during fan events.

    I cannot WAIT until Monday! I thought I’ll never say that but it’s true! It’s gonna be amazing to see these guys, especially since this will be considered the ‘farewell tour’. Tears might be shed!

  9. I’ve met dan and Charlie a few times. They are hilarious together. They very much feed off of each other and take their roles of friendship to screen and back. Demetri and felix are my fave characters cause everyone loves the bad boys and they are truly the bad boys, being in the Volturi.

  10. katherine says:

    Charlies actually the only reason why I like the whole saga. I don’t think I would like it as much of he wasn’t in it.
    I like the books regardless but he honestly is the reason why I watched those as
    Many times as I did and he’s one of the reasons why I went to few conventions . He’s such an awesome
    Person and he’s actually been the person to give me motivation and advice
    To do things I’ve always wanted to do and I’d love to beable to see him at least one last time.

  11. It would honestly be a dream to meet these awesome cast members from Breaking Dawn for the last cast tour. I’ve been a fan of the books since they first came out, i’ve camped out 8 hours to meet 2 of the wolves, and i’ve grown along with the books. It would mean so much to meet a little piece of this world i love so much for the last time. I’ve never met Dan or Charlie, and i would be so blessed to have the opportunity to meet them. I think both men are fantastic actors and they bring the horror edge to the Volturi. I remember while reading Breaking Dawn, Demetri and Felix would always give me goose-pumps just because they were so evil. I’ve seen videos of them on youtube and they seem like the perfect cast members to meet for the last time. I really hope i am lucky enough to get such an amazing opportunity.

  12. Kaytien Franco says:

    What better way to end the saga than by meeting these two lovely gentlemen! I’m a huge fan of both Charlie and Dan and I absolutely can’t wait to see them on Monday! They are both not just talented actors but amazing individuals who are so down to earth and always there for their fans. Both of them are hilarious in interviews together and to have them be able to do a Q&A here in Miami is amazing! Hope I’m lucky to be able to meet them both! Thanks so much!

  13. It would be so amazing to be able to meet Dan and Charlie and let them know how great they are!! They portray the characters exactly how I imagined in the book!

  14. Ayanna Moise says:

    Omg do you want me to drone on and on about what I like about them? First of all Felix and Demetri are in the Volturi the greatest and most powerful coven alive. I love Twilight! I know everything about everyone. Meeting Charlie (Demetri) and Daniel (Felix) would be so awesome. I love how Felix always hits on Bella in the books. Also Demetri is like the world’s best tracker of all time, how can you not love him. Also they are super cute, vampires or humans. I think they were both born for the role as vampires. But as much as I hate it I am so Team Cameron (Alec).

  15. Ayanna Moise says:

    Oh, and addition to my previous comment, I don’t hate loving Cameron. He is one my favorite characters in Twilight.

  16. Samantha B says:

    The chances of any Twilight related actors visiting SOFL are super rare. A few years ago when some of the wolf pack visited I was gonna go but military duties got in the way. How great it would be to meet them!

  17. Megan De-Vita says:

    I really would love a chance to meet them! Ive gone to all the events and promotional events but never got the chance to to meet anyone, I would LOVE & APPRECIATE the ticket more than anything! Please <3!!!

  18. Alden De-Vita says:

    Both Charlie & Daniel are extremely talented individuals who put all effort & time to make sure us Twilighters “HATE” them to the up most. They show firey passion & commitment in what they do & personally? I LOVE WATCHING them on the Big Screen, because OFF SCREEN they are two completely hilarious amusing individuals that you cant believe why they portray! I would really love to meet them! I admire them beyond words , and the whole series in general! I would LOVE THE TICKETS & be superr thankful for a pair. ๐Ÿ™‚ ! <3

  19. Dan Cudmore and Charlie Bewley are 2 of my favorite characters in the Twilight Saga! Felix is the very strong silent type. Dan seems like a real teddy bear in interviews. Charlie as Demetri is great! Demtri’s tracking abilities are like no other. It would amazing to be able to meet them.

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