Twilight Actors Coming To A City Near You For Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tour

ET is announcing cities on their daily Twilight Tips series that they started running this week.  We’ll make this our master list post and keep updating it with other cities and details (like specific time and location) as soon as we have them. Here’s the info ET  just announced:

October 29: 

San Fransisco

November 8:



November 9:


Via TT

We also know of another East coast city where we are ironing out the details on a giveaway for, so stay tuned, as soon as we are allowed we’ll announce it.


  1. So excited!!! Please Atlanta!!!

  2. Aww no one ever comes to Arizona !!the closest is San Fransisco!! 🙁

  3. Aleisha Steptoe says:

    Do they know which stars? I live in Texas and both Dallas and Houston are close, if I don’t get a ticket for the premiere I guess I have something to fall back on. But they don’t list who’s coming to the events. And I’m sure the premiere would be better if you have a good spot, because everybody’s going to be there;-). Not a pessimist, just telling what I think, and actually I’m an optimist;-).

  4. Coooome on California! Momma needs a fresh fix!

  5. How and when do we find out where and when and who?

  6. WHAT nothing in CANADA???

  7. Gigi Cullen says:

    I got both of you beat Tennesee and Idaho, West Virginia, I think not!

  8. Christina says:

    How about VA? 🙁 🙁 🙁 One time Peter Facinelli came, but so far, that’s all we’ve gotten.

  9. where in houston is it going to be

  10. twilight_mom says:

    Albuquerque, New Mexico Please!!! =)

  11. Are the cities to be announced events’ in November? I live in Florida, where we get nothing unless you live in Miami. And I’d hate to miss someone coming while I’m away. From the 2nd to the 13th.

  12. Oh, cool. I live in the Bay Area and they’re coming to San Fran! 😀 I want to know which star though

  13. where in Boston?

  14. I will die if they don’t come to Miami :'(

  15. It’s less than a week away for San Francisco and I can’t find out the venue or time anywhere. Does anybody know anymore info?

  16. Hi, can you please give me more info for when they come to San Francisco. That’s where I’m from and I would love to see them! Thanks you! 🙂

  17. Has any more info been released about the cast tour, like where in sf it will take place? I live about an hour away and i would love to go but i dont know where its going to be at! I have searched but didnt come up with anything. So frustrating, as it is tomorrow!!

  18. 😮

  19. Does anyone know what specific places they are coming too? And who is coming? I live in Dallas and they are coming here in a week. Pleaasee let me know!! D:

    • I’m wondering the same thing! I heard this the night they announced it on ET a couple of weeks ago. I live in Dallas as well and have googled and researched everyday to find info and can find nothing. :/

      • I know!! I’ve googled everything up and down and NOTHING. This is frustrating >.>

        • Right? They should help out a sister! It’s a week away! And I noticed they didn’t release any details for the San Francisco stop, and that was on October 29! What’s going on?

  20. We’re all wondering what’s going on. Like, seriously. Less than a week and no news on where or who is coming. This blows.

  21. Kellan Lutz will be at good morning Texas studio. It says for autographs show up early. You can register from 730-900am to win an interview with him, but earlier if you want an autograph. Does anyone know anything about Houston???

  22. What’s the location and time of the Boston stop? Can’t find any info!!

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