Update From Summit on Fan Camping

This just in from Summit

Thank you for the overwhelming response!  And since we received so many registrations, we will be conducting a random drawing on Thursday, October 18th to choose the lucky fans that will get the opportunity to participate in the Fan Camp.  Please note that we will send confirmation emails once we confirm these lucky fans.  Please allow 24 – 48 hours to receive your confirmation, as it will take some time to process all confirmations.

If your entry was NOT selected in the random drawing for a camp spot, you will receive an email with instructions on how to request to be added to the wait list in the event that there are cancellations prior to the event.

(Please Note: If your entry did not comply with the registration rules [e.g., duplicate entries, etc.], you may not receive notice of any kind.)

Thank you for your patience! We are looking forward to a safe and happy event – and being a part of the epic finale of the worldwide phenomenon!

Team Twilight (a.k.a. Summit Entertainment)


  1. Summit, you got me living in stress is not good for my health .. U.U

    • I know how u feel. It’s making me so nervous and upset cuz I thought I didn’t get picked if they told people already

      • LOL me too!! That’s why I came here to see if anyone has gotten their invite yet but I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to FINALLY know if we got lucky.

        • same here…..i feel like i havent been chosen so i keep checking all the fansites and comments to see if anyone else has heard anything.

        • ohhh gosh! Tell me about it! I’ve been going crazy checking my email, twitter and the twilight lexicon page to see if anyone has gotten lucky! But it does say it will be 24-48 hours, all we have to do is wait.

  2. at this rate we’ll be finding out who’s in the day before :l

  3. I hate that we have to wait longer, but I’m really glad that they’ve come up with a plan to fill the spots of people who cancel. I’m glad to hear that they will be doing a waitlist, and that I will get an email either way. Yeah summit/Lionsgate!

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      Yes they get videos for that, so there is some hope even if it’s slim if we don’t get picked in the first drawing;-).

  4. Just when I thought Summit finally had it together…. I’m guessing we will finally find something out on November 13.

  5. Wow, I understand that the amount of request probably is playing a big part on this delay, but seriously this is just bad planning this process should have started weeks ago, just for consideration of people who are flying from not just all over the country, but from all over the world to this event (like myself and my friends).
    But at this point, we all just have to wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait and wait.

    Good luck to everyone

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      Good luck to you too, and good luck to every one else also;-).

    • alison memmott says

      where are you flying in from? We hope to be at the premiere too!

    • I agree. So far with all the info and website and things for camping they have been behind. And I need to know to since id b flying in also

  6. JaimeOCTwiMom says

    ATTN: Twilight Lexicon:

    Please explain this lame idea Summit has about a stand-by list? First of all, do they actually think people will “Cancel” ahead of time? Second, How on earth will they accomodate “Stand-bys” on the 8th when half the people who win won’t show up simply because many of them registered ‘just to see if they win’…. are they going to actually “call people on a list?” and they expect people to jump on a plane at the drop of a dime? This whole process makes absolutely NO sense at all and they are ruining it for everyone… Fair shot? Yea… let the people who show up at the designated camp time get selected and placed in the camp sites… first come, first served as it has always been….

    I just don’t get the logic behind this at all…. most everyone has already purchased their plane tickets b/c no one in their right mind would wait until the last minute to pay a crazy airline mark-up? It’s also a disservice to the hotels in the area b/c the large hotels there are already sold-out b/c everyone booked their rooms earlier this year… now they will receive cancellations… I think this whole process was not thought out at all and is a disservice to fans…
    Last year, the selection process didn’t seem fair so run a lottery to those who show up on the 8th… that would be fair!

    Stand-by should be first come first served to those waiting on the 8th… because we ALL already know that half the people who win probably will NOT be there at their designated time…

    • Yes, that would have been best…a lottery for the people that actually show up on the 8th.

    • Just wanted to tell JaimeOCTwiMom, “Thank you”.

    • I want to say that This is not in any way Twilight Lexicon’s problem to fix, this is what Summit and Lionsgate have decided to do. Twilight Lexicon is just trying to make sure we have as much information we can get. They are simply sharing their knowledge. I really appreciate that they have helped us all by gathering this information. It might be more helpful if you direct your concern and comments toward Summit or Lionsgate.

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        Yes I am grateful too at Twilight Lexicon for keeping us posted not only now, but for past events and information dealing with Twilight. I know it’s alot of Twilight websites and I’m a fan of many, but it’s refreshing to know it’s a website on the internet that really keeps us Twihards in the loop. Thank You Twilight Lexicon.;-)

      • JaimeOCTwiMom says

        I understand its not Twilight Lexicon’s problem.. my point though is that they have the ability to provide this feedback to Summit directly. I appreciate this website… my issue is with Summit and how they have handled this…

        And to the person who posted a lottery on the 8th wouldn’t work.. yes it would.. because even last year they were able to accomodate everyone who showed up… my point is that it isn’t fair that people plan to show up the day before the premiere and have registered for this lottery…

    • I agree. This has been the most nerve twisting thing to have to keep waiting and they change the dates on us. You know everyone has been looking at their emails all day long over and over for the past 2 days straight. They should have kept it the old fashioned way where if you cared enough, you showed up at a designated time and then they did a lottery. This would keep all those that a lot of us heard were going to just sign up to keep other ppl from going and not go themselves. Like it was a game. None of this was a good nor fair call on behalf of summit. It was always fair before when people showed up and were placed. That’s how all premieres are. You wait and that’s part of the fun.
      This really should have been thought through more as most people are flying and you’re right about plane ticket prices. I was close to buying mine before I found out how they’re doing things this year. Good thing I didn’t. Now I’ll just pay a higher plane ticket price. This is like 3 weeks till the event. Not a good nor fair move Summit.

      • Doing a lottery for those who show up the day of wouldn’t work for the people flying in. It wouldn’t be fair to people who pay for a flight and hotel to show up for the lottery and then not get chosen.

  7. Lea foglesong says

    Yay for “waiting list” boo for waiting another day… Lol

  8. Hi summit ent.i know you have a process to go through,but half the people who entered comp will properly not show up.in the case of some people,me and my two daughters are outlaying a lot of money for this trip from Australia to LA.alot of people have already got tickets,hotels,etc….to not get picked would be Devastating.also people like us can’t just get on a 17hour plane a the last minute if we are on waiting list.we and other people have had our trips booked in advance for months

  9. Joaquin from Argentina says

    oh! please “stand-by list?” it’s real?

    Summit you think the twihard will waiting in his houses or countries only watching the screen “if” maybe recived an email, yeah! “Dear Fan, good luck, we have two canceled places, take your plane, you have 4 hrs, to come from LA or you lose your new places” PLEASE REALLY

    On the 8th Stand-by should be first come first served to those waiting.

  10. I bought my plane ticket for this back in February, and I’m looking at the total possibility that I might not even get a ticket. I understand that’s a little extreme, to buy it so early… but it’s also extreme to expect people to wait until 2 weeks before the event to buy their plane tickets, especially considering how many people are coming from all over the world for this.

    And I still can’t understand the whole lottery thing, why it can’t just be first-come-first-served like every other campout. I think it’s perfectly “FAIR”… those who are most dedicated would get there the soonest, and the casual fans would get there last and be in the back. Sorry, but if you’re willing to take off work and sleep on the streets of LA for a week, then you deserve a better spot then some random fan who just decided to show up the day-of. That’s how every other line for any event works, and that’s the way it should be. This lottery completely destroys my plan I had for the week. And I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who feels this way.

    EPIC FAIL, Summit. Very disappointed with you. This fandom took your company from small-time to Top-Dog, made all of you millionaires, and now you’re screwing with your biggest supporters here after we’ve been throwing our money at you for 4 years. Way to bite the hand that feeds you.

    • JaimeOCTwiMom says

      I couldn’t agree with your more Liz…. It should have been as it has been the past several movies period. I also dont trust Summit… I feel they are scrubbing these registration lists and will pick and choose just as they always have to ensure they diversify the age of the crowd… no matter what, this method this time around will NOT be fair.


      Stop crying, you didn’t get chosen! It’s not meant to be! BTW The “lottery” last year was TERRIBLE. Only real fans would know of the registry for the fan camp so this year was completely fair. If you are a die hard fan you would come to LA regardless if you were chosen or not.

  11. Thank you Summit for this opportunity!!!! I’m sitting here at work almost crying upon the news that we may be wait listed in case we don’t win. 😀

  12. Something isn’t right here. It shouldn’t take this long to do the drawing…somethings up. Now I’m starting to wonder if we will even know anything before the weekend. Plus, they won’t know if people aren’t coming till the day of, people aren’t going to cancel a head of time with them…so question is do I plan to go out there & do a stand by line on the 8th???? Any advice???

    • I know… There’s something weird too. I mean even if there are tons and tons of petitions, those kind of websites (Eventbrite) already have a simple program to do the lottery thing, no matter how much petitions. I’m not believing the part where this will be “randomly” maybe they’re taking to much because they will actually pick people based on something else and that sucks.

      And know I’m more worried because my mind starts thinking weird things and thinks that they may try to do it base on support on social networks and stuff like that and I registered with my “main” mail (just because I can check it everywhere) and not my “fan mail” so I’m worried that they will find no “fan suppor” with it.

      I know I’m crazy but is just that all this waiting and how Summit (I actually blame Lionsgate because since it absorbed Summit everything started going wrong) is ruining everything is making me freak out.

      I just hope hope and pray to get the email telling me tha I got picked. If not I’m gonna be showing there anyways I won’t cancel my plane, hotel and everything that I’ve been planning for sooo long.

      • I honestly think the reason it’s taking so long is the amount of submissions they received an having to go through them because of so many duplicates. I heard that there were many duplicates which it was pasted all over not to duplicate our entries. Now if you read thoroughly above it states that anyone who didn’t follow the rules about duplicates, etc, will probably not get any notification of any kind. Which i.e. means if people abused this and did put in duplicates, their entries will be deleted all together. I have a feeling there were many people who didn’t take this rule seriously.

        • I really hope they disqualify all people who entered more than once. Keep it “fair” and give it to the people who followed the rules…

          • I am with you there. People who follow the rules should get the spots first! We have stood in line every year and have been really far down the line because we followed the rules and did not line up until it was time. which sucks because all the people who didn’t follow the rules were in line first. So, honestly, I like the way they are doing it. That way rule breakers don’t ruin it for everyone else.

      • JaimeOCTwiMom says

        Read my comment above… I didn’t register our group with our twigroup name… I used my name… plus.. since we are required to provide our birth dates.. I dont trust that Summit isn’t going to pick and choose people based on age and location to ensure they diversify the crowd thus it is NOT random OR Fiar by any means… shouldnt take this long period.

  13. At the very least ladies of the Lex, thank you for keeping us all informed when apparently Summit didn’t want to do it themselves via social media. I’d never down you all for giving us the info that we, as fans, deserve to know. So thank you. As I said on Twitter though, I think Summit (and def not the Lex) owes all of us therapy, anxiety medication, or a lot of liquor for having to deal with all of this. Plans hang in the balance.

    • hahaha! they better have therapy, relaxation and massages at the camp out for all the stress they put us through! LOL.

  14. I have been to all of the premieres – including the first one – and literally all four times have been different and each time I got on the black carpet. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this to really showcase that Summit certainly made a huge blunder and is trying (I think desperately) to find a quick solution to this chaotic mess they created.

    Really, registering online is brilliant, I think. The problem lies in the “random drawing” bit. That was a headache from the moment I first read about it. There are numerous problems that can stem or arise (and have probably done so seeing as how the date of the drawing was pushed back) from having a random drawing of those who registered online. Really, the random choosing of Tent City campers is not a new ideal. It was done randomly last year, only it was Charles picking random groups in a parking lot in the wee morning hours. And after getting chosen, we had to wait in line for what seemed like an eternity – all because there was one guy inputting information to register everyone. Man, that was brutal (especially being awake all night at the nearest Denny’s…lol). The problem lies in having people register who don’t intend on going. And so Summit thinks a waiting list will suffice? Hardly.

    I honestly think that they are trying to implement a poorly executed version of The Hunger Games premiere setup and it has failed…which, I heard, that failed as well. So, the fanbase is being screwed, because we are all used to a certain pattern – a way of doing things – and many have made plans based on past premieres…only to find out they bought plane tickets and booked hotels based on the chance of winning the lottery.

    I don’t say all this to reiterate what was said before…because I hear and see nearly everyone saying the same thing, but I just hope – probably dream – Summit is able to read these and see the disgruntled fanbase. And if they are reading this or if, by chance, this gets to them, I would sincerely hope they could do away with the waiting list and do what they’ve done in previous years: distribute the leftover bracelets based on first come, first served rule of thumb. It’s fair. Now, if they were to take that route, problems of where the first come, first served line truly started. But, to eliminate….or rather dismiss/ignore the idea that the fans who don’t get chosen or put on the waiting list will not create a standby line is kind of ludicrous. They will start a line. Whether the local police, Nokia security, or Summit themselves will do something about that is a whole other issue.

    However, I really believe the bracelets are there. The numbers do add up – regardless of the numbers in the online registration database. As I’ve said before, I’ve been to all past premieres, and people have come the very next day (meaning that Friday) – IN THE EVENING – and have received #800+. That was at Eclipse. So, I know it’s grown, but honestly, I think if they make it fair THE DAY OF, everyone will get something and hopefully we’ll all make it. It’s the epic finale…they can’t and hopefully don’t want to disappoint the dedicated premiere-going fans.

    • This is my first time going Tif & I’m not really sure what to do if I don’t get picked in the drawing. My oldest brother is taking off work to go with me cause my friends were unable to get off work. I understand that they are trying to make this flow better this year, but this whole drawing thing has my nerves about shot!!! If I don’t get selected I’m just wondering how good the chances are of still going out there & seeing if I can get in, this is a huge dream of mine to see the cast one last time & I want to do everything possible to make that dream come true!!!

    • and especially since it was known since at least June that a lottery would be implemented. I don’t understand why it is taking so long. I thought they had this all figured out?


      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        @Melissa Ann Mehas-Lacher Wow I did not know this, why didn’t it go viral?, and I say it wouldn’t matter if we would’ve known earlier. But it would have, it would have gave us time to wrap our minds around it, and for us to grow comfortable with it.

  15. Stephanie Marmolino says

    This system would have been perfect if summit put it into play 6 months ago! Many people have already spent a small fortune organizing their trip in advance because that is how it has always been done, and please don’t tell me that summit isn’t aware of that fact! I was a little disappointed at the news of the lottery since I have been planning all year to attend this epic event! It was going to be the perfect ending to the most amazing journey of my life! Now it feels like the end is going to crash and burn! I naively thought the lottery system would HONESTLY give the fandom a chance to go to the premiere! The constant pushing back of the dates is starting to make me think that something fishy is going on??? What started out as sheer excitement and joy, has now morphed into doubt, fear, disappointment, rejection, and nervous anxiety!! I just hope we are all worring our selves sick for nothing! I just felt the need to share! Peace, love, and Twilight forever!

    • Stephanie, I could not have said it better!!! This process is very devastating, the fans make the movie what it is and they are making our last experience a night mare right now. All I want is to celebrate the last movie & make good memories of it & I’ve spent the last month or so with knots in my stomach wondering what I was going to do. At least we have eachother for support!!!

      • Stephanie Marmolino says

        P.s. having the lottery on the Internet, literally opened up the process to the entire world! I would bet my hat that a very large percent of the applicants had no intentions what-so-ever of attending this event!!!!

  16. So tired of waiting! Has anyone received a confirmation email for a spot at fan camp yet?????? I am watching the clock go by and I am dying!!!!!

    • Nope but they said to allow 24-48 hours. I don’t think they’ve sent anything yet..

      • thank you Purple for making me feel better i have been logging on to my email so many times i organized all of my emails into folders!!!!

  17. I couldn’t even FIND THE WEBSITE 2 REGISTER!!! and when I did…I got knocked off of the website!!

  18. I’m still keeping Positive 🙂

  19. Has anyone heard anything yet?

  20. ok so i have a question if we get a email confirmation can we bring like a air mattress? or does it just have to be sleeping bags and stuff like that

    • I took a cushiony thing to lay on top w my sleeping bag bc the ground is hard. I don’t think they’ll care as long as it fits in your tent.

      • I’m trying to think what kind of tent to get that I would be able to travel with??? I’m guessing that the size they require is a 2 person tent???

        • I always camp with a 3 person tent. We have 4 people this year though so I don’t know of we’ll fit lol

          • As long as the tent is 8×8 you’re good. That’s actually pretty big. I’m pretty sure you can bring whatever to sleep on. I would want to be comfortable for that 4 day camp out.

          • Is there any access to power?

          • I know they have charging stations for phones but I don’t think they just have outlets.

  21. I have checked around and haven’t seen anyone post on any site that they have recieved an email confirmation. I have been on suspense since the 13th and I am litterly going to wear my phone out with my constant checking. I hope the emails go out very soon!!!!

    • I bet we don’t hear anything till late tonight or tomorrow, don’t understand what’s taking them sooo long, but the process better be darn well flawless when their done!!!

    • Haha me too! I have to charge my phone in classes so my battery doesn’t run out from so much refreshing. I can’t concentrate in school because I’m so jumpy always checking my email. Come on summit please sen them out soon!!! For the sake of my GPA LOL.

  22. For those who have done the premiere in the past, how does the stand by lines work??? Do you arrive the same day as the people checking in & wait it out & see if they have spots left to fill??? Since I have everything booked, I might as well take advantage & still go. I don’t want to get into trouble with police or security, but from what I keep hearing people seem pretty sure not everyone will show up & I want to try every possible way that I can to go to the premiere. I have no experience with this so I’m trying to figure out my plan. Suggestions please.

    • From what I understand, they are not allowing stand by lines. If you are not selected inthe random drawing, you will get notified as to how to be added to a “wait list” to fill any spot of those who were selected who have to cancel.

      Although I am pretty sure that people who are not on either list will show up anyway to see what the chances are of getting into either tent city or get a place on the carpet. That being said, maybe something WILL be worked out for those who do want to come and wait. At this point, I think anything can happen!

  23. This just in from Summit:

    Dear Twilight Fans,

    Summit Entertainment is pleased to announce that we are able to increase the size of Fan Camp from 1200 to 1500 campers! Confirmationemails are going out soon, so please check your inbox to see if your registration was selected for camp, as well as further instructions and details.

    Unfortunately, even with this increase in camp size, we still aren’t able to admit all of the registrants this year (due to the overwhelming number that we received!). Fear not, if your registration was not selected in the random drawing, you will be notified via email today and will receive instructions on how to add yourself or your group to the wait list.

    Please read it carefully. You must notify us within 48 hours if you wish to be added to the wait list. Please Note: No new registrations will be accepted. The wait list is only for campers who received a registration confirmation during the initial registration window.

    Confirmed Campers: Please be courteous to your fellow Twihards! If you can no longer attend, let us know as soon as possible at bd2fancamp@lionsgate.com so that we can admit campers off the wait list. Your confirmation is not transferable (i.e. you cannot give it to a friend).

    Please know that Summit is currently working on sourcing additional camp space so that we can admit more campers, but until we do, please make sure you get on the wait list in the event that there are cancellations.

    Thank you for your patience during this entire process and, as always, thanks for your tremendous support of The Twilight Saga!

    Team Twilight (aka Summit Entertainment)

    • Aleisha Steptoe says

      Oh my God yes;-) they’ve increased the number of campers;-).Got to love Summit Entertainment, but I’m ready to know;-), and I’d be lying if I say I wouldn’t be crushed if I didn’t get a spot. But what’s meant to be will be;-).

    • Well, if that is why is taking so much, is not that bad, but they could have let us know before.

      We appreciate if you are doing this Summit, I mean is the LAST ONE, now let’s just start sending emails.

      By the way, is funny to find out that I’m not the only crazy checking and checking her phone to see any update from the mail haha!!

      Crossing fingers and praying to God!!!

      • lol!!!! I’ve been checking my email since Tuesday and then summit said Thursday, but it does say 24-48 hours. I guess we just have to be patient and wait! I hope we find out soon! 😮

      • Aleisha Steptoe says

        I’m crossing my fingers also, and yeah if the reason they’re late with e-mails is because they added spots more power to them;-).

  24. Okay my chances just increased yay!!! Now please plead please send me an email lol.

  25. Ok, check your email my friends… I just got my Fan Camp Winner confirmation!!!!!

  26. But who do we contact about those “case by case” situations? I need to find someone to talk to about a situation.

  27. Just got my winner’s confirmation email!!!:) So excited!! I think they are sending them sporadically…Good luck all!

  28. I got wait listed….

  29. Stephanie Marmolino says

    I got wait listed 🙁

  30. Im so sad. I waited three years for this. Took a week off from work. Im on a waiting list. wow I just spent an hour crying and i want to return my tickets back for the marathon in los angeles. Wow. I think there random drawing is bs. After this humiliated drama I think I shouldnt be a fan anymore.

    • I´m crying out too malinda, I can´t stop it.

      • Yeaah the joke is on us. After waitimg three days for notification. I just moved here frrom las vegas. Topk vacation that I.dont get paid for so yes im crying. Im out of a lot mo/ey. So thank you summitt. I think yo really lost a fan

      • Yeaah the joke is on us. After waitimg three days for notification. I just moved here frrom las vegas. Took vacation that I.dont get paid for so yes im crying. Im out of a lot money. So thank you summitt. I think yo really lost a fan

      • Malinda sims says

        Yeaah the joke is on us. After waiting three days for notification. I just moved here frrom las vegas. Took vacation that I.dont get paid for so yes Im crying. Im out of a lot money. So thank you summitt. I think yo really lost a fan

  31. Oh Guys I’m so crushed right now, I can´t stop crying, I got the freaking wait list.

    I really really really believed I was gonna get the chance to be there.

    When I got the idea to go to the premiere, since they never do anything like that in my country, about a year ago I knew it was gonna be difficult, but the thing that is crashing me the most is that I overcome the obstacles that I knew I was gonna have, but not this…

    I’m from Mexico City, I mean I not live around the corner to LA and I knew it was gonna be hard to save enough money to buy my plane ticket, booked my hotel and eat over there, but I saved, saved and saved and I got the enought money to do it. (barely)

    Then I was really really worried, because this is my first time ever outside of my country and you know that mexicans need Visa. Well, I was soooo nervouos about it because my family is not wealthy that is what they supposed they check, because they just don´t want you to stay at the USA. Well, I paied around $200 usd for my passport, and around the samen amount for my Visa, Iwent to the interview so freaking nervous and I did it, I got my Visa right away for ten years, I was so happy.

    Then I got a really really good deal on plane ticket and hotel, so I was like “Oh my God, this is really gonna happen”.

    Then I got the school. I´m in my last semester of all from College, I mean, this is it, my last day of school is on November 23 rd, so I decided to start doing presentations and essays that I should be delivering by the days that I´m gonna be absent, I even had to lie a little bit just to my teachers for them to let me skip a few classes.

    At my job of course that I had to lie, I´m taking my vacations but they had to help me because I´m gonna be taking them before I can, I can start taking my vacations for this year till December, but I lied and said that I´m going to a Congress…

    Everything was going perfect and the this…. This that I never ever thought I had to deal with.

    And they´re just taking my chance away… I don´t know what to do, I got the freakin wait list but…. I can´t cancell anything. As I said, I got my ticket on a sale, in a low fare airline and that means that there are NO cancellations or refunds, if I cancel my hotel I´m just getting a credit to make a new reservation for the future… And I already lied to everybody because I really really wanted to be there.

    I just don´t know what to do, I have to go, but I will be really depressed being in LA and not seeing anybody nor being there.

    I´m sorry guys for sharing this, but believe me I´m so devastated now, I just needed to take it out, cuz my mom thought she´s sad for me, she just doesn´t get me enough and the rest of my family didn´t even care.

    But… Congrats to you lucky people who got the chance, and if you can´t go anymore, please just tell Summit, PLEASE, PLEASE.

  32. Aleisha Steptoe says

    Good luck to all who received a Fan Camp Winners Confirmation e-mail, and I hope those who are on the waiting list get a spot for camping. I received my confirmation, get this while I was watching New Moon on FX last night. And I didn’t check back on this website until around 9 something, and when I saw that somebody had posted that they got an e-mail my heart was beating so fast;-). And I checked my e-mail and the confirmation was there, so Lord Bless everything works out ok I’ll see you all on November the 8th of this year at the Nokia Theater;-). Have a good time planning your trips you all, and those on the waiting list, I hope the best for you too;-).

  33. Has anybody outside the US got in the list?

  34. I didn’t get in. :”( The premeires are always the highlight of my year and I never expected to not get in at all….please, please, please if anyone got in but can’t go, cancel so the rest of us have a chance.


    Honestly you people are cry babies. Trust me you’ll live if you don’t get a chance to see Edward or Jacob this year. If you didn’t get chosen then boohoo I feel so sorry for you…not! Be happy for those who did get chosen and stop acting like those people don’t deserve it because I know for sure if you got chosen you wouldn’t appreciate all the crap you sour puss’s have been saying.

  36. Malinda sims says

    Real twilight fan you’re rude. I’m glad to have gotten in and if it wasn’t for me complaining I wouldn’t be going now. So your wrong because summit heard our words. Ha ha see you at fan camp group 6


      MALINDA, so because you whined about not being chosen they allowed you to come now? LOL! You’re name was on the wait list, they added more spots and you got chosen finally! It’s not Summit that chose you, LA Live had to get clearance to allow more people like your wait listed a**. I can’t believe you actually cried, really? Over a movie? LOL!!!! You said Group 6 right??

      • Malinda sims says

        I can’t believe that you would insult.people that has a passion loved this movie and yes I cried why because I waited years to be a part of this. So you can be the ignorant person that you are. You use cuss words to make a point and and what group are you in? And by the way it was summit and Bill Condon with LAlive made sure that many of us got in alone with the help of fansite like twilightlexicon. So if you have a problem with that too bad. I’m still going.

      • Malinda sims says

        I can’t believe that you would insult people that has a passion loved this movie and yes I cried why because I waited years to be a part of this. So you can be the ignorant person that you are. You use cuss words to make a point and what group are you in? And by the way it was summit and Bill Condon with LAlive made sure that many of us got in alone with the help of fansite like twilightlexicon. So if you have a poblem with that too bad. I’m still going.

      • Malinda sims says

        Oh by the way you can meet at that group and say it to my face. I will be waiting!!!!!

        • REALTWILIGHTFAN says

          Threaten me all you want. Why did you wait years to come? Some fan. Did you just jump on the Twilight bandwagon now? You know there were other premieres right? Also a fan camp before. Anyway, I’m glad the Twilight Saga touched you so much that you have an abundant amount of emotions towards it. What are you going to do once it’s done? Is your life over? Anyway, have fun at the fan camp. Hopefully we can meet up and go to happy hour together at the Yard House. XOXO

          • Malinda sims says

            I wouldn’t threatened you if you came to see me at fan camp I would just tell you why I think your wrong for your comments. I npt a fake fan. I have love twilight since I send the first movie. Why I haven’t been to a premier before is because.I couldn’t afford it. Now I can because I’m sacrificing a lot to bee there this year. I actually moved to Los Angeles in July for this. So no I’m not jumping on the band wagon. And by the way I get a discount at the Yard House

          • Malinda sims says

            I wouldn’t threatened you if you came to see me at fan camp I would just tell you why I think your wrong for your comments. I not a fake fan. I have love twilight since I send the first movie. Why I haven’t been to a premier before is because i couldn’t afford it. Now I can because I’m sacrificing a lot to bee there this year. I actually moved to Los Angeles in July for this. So no I’m not jumping on the band wagon. And by the way I get a discount at the Yard House

  37. Malinda sims says

    I was disappointed and people were saying how they were going to be doing other thing beside camping. So that’s why I complined. I’m happy for fans that got in and were camping ouu. t those four days and I was going to be there no matter what. I would do other thing like go to the convention in Burbank. So please don’t try to think that we were hating on people. Many of us had a lot to lose like money and time.


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