No IMAX in US for Twilight At Least For Now

The other day we released the information that Breaking Dawn Part 2 would be released in IMAX in the UK. It left readers wondering if a US showing would follow. When EW asked, this is what they were told, ” At this time, there are no plans for an IMAX release in the U.S., according to a Lionsgate spokesperson.”

Previously Eclipse was the only film that debuted in IMAX. Breaking Dawn Part 1 didn’t because believe it or not Happy Feet 2 had bought all the IMAX screens at its release time followed by the latest Mission Impossible movie.

A rather astute commenter on EW  named Alec has come up with what is likely the reason for it not coming to the US market which basically comes down to Blame It On Bond…James Bond.

“The reason is that the U.S. release date for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, is later than the release date in the rest of the world, because the studio wants to make sure its fresh in theaters for the thanksgiving weekend, when ticket sales are higher than normal.
The film will be released in IMAX, which means that it reserved all (or almost all) of the U.S. IMAX theaters for at least two weeks after its Nov. 9 debut, meaning no U.S. IMAX screens will be available when the new Twilight film comes out Nov. 16. The Hobbit is the next major IMAX on Dec. 14, meaning that a 2-3 week IMAX window for Twilight after its wide release is possible if the studio and theaters expect enough demand for the big-screen experience, but it’s unlikely to happen. “

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