Bill Condon Comments on Twilight and OSCAR Season

As much as we love the Twilight movies, most fans realize that it’s not in danger of winning an OSCAR for best picture. However we do have an OSCAR winning director behind our final movie and here’s what he had to say to USA Today about Twilight and the awards season.

The early campaigning, veterans say, is inevitable, given the crush of competing awards. But even Oscar winners say the season, which seems to arrive earlier every year, can make people crazy.

“Do I miss the kind of movies you get in the Oscar season? Absolutely, and I plan to go back there,” says Bill Condon, director of the final two Twilight films and winner of the adapted-screenplay Oscar for 1998’s Gods and Monsters.

Condon, who also received another adapted-screenplay nomination for 2002’s Chicago, says the awards season is ripe “for smaller-scale, personal movies. Finding them is the trick.

“Do I miss the craziness of (the season)? Not at all,” he says. “It’s so non-stop, it’s almost debilitating.”

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