Summit Confirms: No the Dance Scene Isn’t After the Credits

Both Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed talked in recent interviews about a special scene at the end of Breaking Dawn 2. Somehow in the vast game of telephone that interviews can become this information morphed into a spoof, dance-off, prank on Bill Condon that the actors did would be tacked onto the end of the film.

Summit clarified the following to EW

Nikki Reed speculated to Perez Hilton that she thought the end could be a dance that 150 members of the cast performed one day on set as a surprise to Condon. But not so fast! Summit has confirmed to EW that this dance scene (which does indeed exist) is not in the final cut of the film. For now, the mystery continues…

We personally think it likely that the dance sequence would make a DVD extras thing. As for what the last item is, guess away.


  1. I think it’s a future shot of Renesmee and Jacob. This would tie into comments made by Ashley Greene where she said something like “everyone wants to see Renesmee grown up”. I’m more curious about the changed ending of the film vs book. The one where Team Jack said it would make us cry. Or could he have talking about the after credit part also? Oh, Nov 15 can’t come fast enough!

  2. My guess… the cottage “accidentally” turned to ruble after bella and edward, cough cough, ya know!

  3. My guess is that it fast forwards a few years in the future when Nessie is fully grown and it shows her and Jacob together and leaves the series open to continue w/Jacob/Nessie.

  4. As someone else said, I think it will be a Jake and Nessie fast forward. Hopefully leaving it open for the series to continue through Jake and Nessie…it would be beautiful to see.

  5. Nooo, I wanted it to be the choreographed dance scene! Ugg, that would have been awesome. 🙁

  6. As I’ve heard people guess on several different sites, I think the final scene *should* be of the Cullens-including Bella-walking into the cafeteria of yet a new school and the students speculating over who the ‘new kids’ are. :] I think that would be pretty good.

  7. I like everyones ideas. I kinda hope they are all at least on the dvd.

  8. I hope it just shows a fast forward of everyone. Since the story is about Edward and Bella it would have to include them somehow? but i know all the fans are excited to see a fast forward of Jacob n Nessie so it’ll more than likely be just that.


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