Male TwiHard Wrapping Up His Column

Next Movie’s Male TwiHard is wrapping up his two-year Twilight column. Today he has an A-Z retrospective on what it’s been like.


You would think that “Twilight” bloggers are shut-ups who only eat Lipton soup, own 12 cats and cry every night in front of Access Hollywood. However, everyone I’ve met seems normal, social, has a sense of humor and is (very) willing to talk about other topics besides Team Jacob.

Shake Weight

I bought a Shake Weight for my costumes as Member of the Wolf Pack Who No One Calls. One, it didn’t get as big a reaction as I was hoping for at the Convention Costume Contest. Two, Shake Weights are a lot harder than you’d think.


  1. Aleisha Steptoe says

    Now that’s funny, did he win;-)?