Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack Announced

The official soundtrack listing debuted over on Yahoo with no advance warning today.  Notables include Nikki Reed and hubby Paul McDonald with a track, Christina Perri with a 1,000 Years part 2 version, and Carter Burwell with Plus Que Ma Propre Vie which is the transcription from Rensemee’s locket meaning “More than my own life”

1. Where I Come From — Passion Pit
2. Bittersweet — Ellie Goulding
3. The Forgotten — Green Day
4. Fire In The Water — Feist
5. Everything And Nothing — The Boom Circuits
6. The Antidote — St. Vincent
7. Speak Up — POP ETC
8. Heart of Stone — Iko
9. Cover Your Tracks — A Boy and His Kite
10. Ghosts — James Vincent McMorrow
11. All I’ve Ever Needed — Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed
12. New For You — Reeve Carney
13. A Thousand Years (Part Two) – Christina Perri
14. Plus Que Ma Prope Vie — Carter Burwell

Here’s a look at Nikki and Paul singing together so you get an idea of their signature sound.


  1. Never would have thought Green Day would be on a Twilight soundtrack. Love that Nikki and her hubby are goingn to be on it though. I can’t get enough of their first song.

  2. OMG!!! I love this song and I’m very surprised I had no clue that Niki Reed can sing…along with Jasper aka Jackson Rathbone and Robert Pattison! Keep it up =-D

  3. There are a lot of musicians within the Twilight cast. Jackson, Robert, Nikki…
    I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack! I’m a little iffy about some of the choices but they might be better than expected. At least Bruno Mars isn’t on this one.
    I kind of wanted Muse, Paramore, Sia, and Florence + the Machine on the soundtrack again. That would have been nice. But I’m just daydreaming. 🙂

  4. Wow, I’m soo looking forward to listen to the whole Sountrack, it’s a real shame that the release of the Sountrack is so close to the premier. I like to listen to all the osngs before I see the movie and try to guess from wich scenes they’re from.

    I’m very happy to see Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed in there! also I REALLY want to hear the score “Plus Que Ma Prope Vie” ;D

  5. No pomp and ceremony? No big reveal? Just kinda, ‘Here, have it then’?

    I’m disappointed with the way this has been done.

    Good to see Nikki and Paul have a track and I agree with Pen, it would have been nice to see some of the others return, something more from Rob especially.
    I’ll buy it regardless, (could’ve been an hour of white noise and I’d still part with my cash) because I want to complete the set but Twilight and New Moon are still my favourite soundtracks, for the moment at least.

  6. No Muse (sad face…. ) but still always love the soundtracks!

  7. This just plain sucks! Not only does Summit once again ignore the absolute gift they have in having Rob play Edward’s musical genius (and I think we were specifically told at one point that Rob had in fact recorded Ness’ lullaby!!). But, I also have to suffer through the intolerable bs that is having Nikki Reed on the soundtrack. What the hell, Summit???

  8. No Muse, no Sia? Oh well 🙁 I’m excited to listen to the soundtrack 🙂

  9. So excited for this movie come out!! But its a bittersweet feeling!! This is a beautiful song and perfect for the movie. Twihard forever!!!

  10. No Muse, AGAIN??? ugh…so disappointed. But I have loved all the soundtracks so far. I’m sure I’ll love this one too. (:

    • I like their music, but I’m glad they boycotted Muse; their bassist is an ingrate. Read this article:

      “Muse Bassist Compares Being On ‘Twilight’ Soundtracks To Selling Soul”

      • That’s kind of hypocritical to say that selling your soul is compared to being on a Twilight soundtrack. They chose to bite the hand that fed them and they wouldn’t be a mainstream act selling out concerts,if they hadn’t been on the first three soundtracks. Fans knew of them,but they weren’t well-known outside of the indie circut. I like the track listing for BD part 2 and I can’t wait to hear the new songs. Surprised,but pleased to see a big group like Green Day on the soundtrack,but I look forward to hearing their song.

      • I think this took place when bassist Chris (from Muse) was intently battling alcoholism. Not that it is an excuse for what he said but it does show that he was not always in the right state of mind. Matthew Bellamy has met Stephanie on more than one occasion and he is as much her fan as she is his. He is very honored that Muse inspired her to write such a lovely story. Conflicting schedules, family matters (two new babies for Matt and Chris), alcoholism and treatment for Chris, writing, recording and touring is most likely what kept Muse from the last two soundtracks.

      • Weren’t well known outside of the Indie curcuit? Are you pretending to sound like you know what you’re talking about or just blinded by your loyalty to your beloved Twilight? Muse have never been an Indie group, they are, and have always been a rock band. I suggest you do some research before making ill-informed, ridiculous statements. To suggest they are only mainstream due to being on the first soundtracks is laughable. Do five minutes of research and you’ll soon be embarrassed about your comments. Muse were long selling out Wembley stadium and other huge stadiums worldwide, had headlined Glastonbury, had been voted for many accolades and were well known for being the best live band in the World years before Twilight was released.

        Quote: ‘Muse are known for their energetic and extravagant live performances and their fusion of many music genres, including space rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, classical music and electronica.

        Muse have released six studio albums: Showbiz (1999), Origin of Symmetry (2001), Absolution (2003), Black Holes and Revelations (2006), The Resistance (2009) and The 2nd Law (2012). They have also issued three live albums, Hullabaloo Soundtrack (2002), which is also a compilation of B-sides, Absolution Tour (2005), and HAARP (2008), which documents the band’s performance at Wembley Stadium in 2007.

        Black Holes and Revelations earned the band a Mercury Prize nomination and a third place finish in the NME Albums of the Year list for 2006. Muse have also won a collection of music awards throughout their history, including five MTV Europe Music Awards, six Q Awards, eight NME Awards, two Brit Awards—winning “Best British Live Act” twice, an MTV Video Music Award, four Kerrang! Awards and an American Music Award. They were also nominated for three Grammy Awards, of which they won Best Rock Album, for their fifth studio album The Resistance. Muse have sold over 15 million albums worldwide.’

  11. I love all the soundtracks, sure to love this one. I especially hope they do another DVD of music videos, I have part 1 and hope they do part 2 to complete the whole experience.

  12. That Other Twilighter Girl says

    Breaking Dawn was dedicated to Muse and Jodi Reemer ( forgive me if that’s spelt wrong.) and muse isn’t on either soundtrack?

  13. Ellie Goulding? I might die.

  14. Stoked about Green Day.

  15. I wouldve really liked for muse to be in last soundtrack, but oh well. It surprised when I saw green day here, I would have never thought of that, am curious to hear it, also i am excited to hear passion pit, christina perri, and nicki reed. 43 days left right ??

  16. great song from nikki and paul. interesting mix of songs. can’t wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack.

  17. Twilight Nymph says

    OMG, Green Day! Never saw that coming. Bummed about no Muse, but Green Day sure makes up for it, at least for me. Yet, I’m sad they never got Blue October, seeing as they were a part of SM’s inspiration for some chapters. Oh, well I’m still stoked about Green Day.

  18. I didn’t expect Rob would be on it; he seemed reluctant enough the first time around! It’s sad that Muse isn’t, but I know that there are problem with them, etc, so didn’t expect that either. The only people I do know on it are Christina Perri and Nikki Reed. I listened to the link of Nikki singing with her husband, and it sounds pretty good. The soundtrack will have to be phenomenal, though, to beat the soundtrack of BD Pt 1!

  19. So frustrated that Muse and Rob are left off the sound track. So happy for Nikki though!

  20. I’m pretty disappointed with this. I wanted Rob 1,000,000,000x more than I would ever want Nikki Reed and Paul. I like them alright, but they are not Edward. His songs were amazing in Twilight, and it would have been nice to have that come full circle.

    Also, I hate that there is no Muse. If Muse is just being stubborn, then I guess I don’t care as much, but if it’s just that we didn’t pick them then that’s ridiculous.

    1000 years… meh. It was great on BD1, but come up with something new.

    The BD1 soundtrack was amazing. It’s going to be hard to beat. And I actually LOVED “It will rain” even though I was furious at first that Bruno Mars was on there at first.

    PS they definitely did not market this release well enough

  21. Go Paul and Nikki!!!! Love Christina Perri too!

  22. Blue October…should have been on the 2 last soundtracks!!

  23. smitten_by_twilight says

    Terribly disappointed about not having Rob and Muse on the soundtrack. I kind of expected it for Muse, but I thought there were hints that Rob might be on the soundtrack. Very happy to hear about Christina Perri coming back for it even if it is a remix – I love that song. I listened to Nikki and Paul’s song and I like it, although I’ll readily agree that she does not have an outstanding voice. She can carry a tune, but their voices don’t really blend. It sounds like a traveling kind of song, so maybe that’s how it will be used.

  24. I’m going to guess that Rob isn’t on the soundtrack because he doesn’t want to be. If he wrote, recorded and submitted songs for the soundtrack I have no question in my mind that they would be there as the studio would never miss that kind of opportunity to make money & get more attention.

    I love Green day and Christina Perry and I’m really excited to hear what Ellie Goulding comes up with. Also I didnt realise Nikki Reed could sing, that song was really cute can’t wait to hear the soundtrack 1:)

  25. SilverTongueDevil says

    Just awful! Absolutely awful!! Let’s get the wanna be punk band (Green Day), the ProTools Princess (Ellie Goulding), and let’s give a part 2 to the already crappy Christina Perry’s part 1. The only saving graces are Passion Pit, Feist, St. Vincent, and Iko. The Nikki Reed song isn’t horrible but it will have to grow on me It still goes without saying, bad move Summit. You can definitely tell they were bought out.

  26. Definitely disappointed to see that Muse isn’t on the soundtrack. I definitely don’t think the comments that Chris Wolstenholme made, but, regardless, I’ve always loved the idea that the band who inspired Stephenie was on the soundtracks. I thought it was a really cool way to link the books and movies even more closely.

    As for Rob not being on it, I never expected him to be, mainly due to how NOT AT ALL pleased he was to be on the first one.

  27. No Muse, Paramore or Black Ghosts! It would have been nice to have some of the artists from the original soundtrack to close down the soundtracks(saga). Disappointed 🙁

  28. I thought that at Comic Con it was ‘confirmed’ that Rob would be on the soundtrack for BD2? Or am I getting my soundtracks messed up?

    GREEN DAY & ELLIE GOULDING? WHAT THE F***? VERY VERY surprised, yet weirdly intrigued…

  29. I love the Christina Perri song and I love how it was used at the end but I’m a little bit upset by Muse because they had a perfect song for the ending fight they could have used Uprising for that if the words are perfect butt maybe it’s just me I have my own taste and them not being on the soundtrack just kind of upset me a little bit.


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