Final Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster Revealed

The final poster after the 24 hour bits and pieces reveal.ย  make sure you like it on Facebook!



  1. Is anyone else slightly disappointed by this? Not what I was expecting, dare I say it, it seems almost fan made photo shopped?

  2. Bill made it seem like the poster was going to really blow fans minds this crap is horrible looks photoshop. Not impressed at all

  3. I’ve seen better fan made posters than this junk they have put out!!! Everyone in the background looks thrown in and i am extremly disapointed in the job that was done on the 8~( Way to go out on a crappy note with this one!!

  4. Unfortunately I think this poster represents exactly what we are going to get with the last movie. Terrible special effects in a 2 hour long half assed cash cow.

  5. It’s horrible!! It looks so fake!! The poses look fake, the background looks fake, everything is so wrong. Might as well stick to the picture from the calendars, those are not great but are way better than this thing they are trying to pass as the best thing since sliced bread!
    I already can hear the twilight haters feeding on this. So sad and disappointing.

  6. Considering it is the scene I feel very strongly about in a negative way, I find this poster very disappointing. I keep hoping that this scene is a nightmare, strategic planning talk and not a real physical confrontation with the Volturi. The art work isn’t all that impressive either. Jacob would be a wolf for the confrontation, not human, so not even accurate for the scene. It is nice to see them facing the threat together is the one positive thing about this poster. It is a love story – joining forces for love of Renesmee. Seems something to reflect the love story part would be more appropriate.

  7. I hope the cover art for the DVD is better than this. My immediate reaction was disappointment. Glad to know I’m not the only that thinks this looks horribly photoshopped and missing key characters…like the rest of the Cullens.

  8. That is the worst poster I have seen……totally disappointed!

  9. Looks kind of silly to me….not intense at all.

  10. I’ve seen fan made posters that look better than this. ๐Ÿ™
    Some key characters are missing, like the Cullens, the wolves, Renesme…This could’ve been a better poster. Out of all the official movie posters, I have to say Twilight is my favorite. I focused on Edward and Bella. And Jacob wasn’t just awkwardly stuck into the picture. ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. This movie is suppose to be about love, protecting family, what lengths people will go to standup for justice, and the importance of acceptance.
    I don’t see that in this poster.
    Where’s Renessme? Where are the rest of the Cullen family? Where’s the determination and intensity?

  12. I hate to say it but the new cover to Breaking Dawn would make a much better poster. Oh well.

  13. Ok I’ve always been very supportive of the saga poster art but I find this sorta…..meh

  14. I really wanted to for renesmee to come out in this… Uhh well, I dont hate it but I don’t love it either. I hope the movie isnt centered around just the fight and it has more around family and getting together to protect renesemee. Might approve the poster a little bit more with time though…

  15. Mella Cullen says

    It looks like they are running away from their own terrible poster.

    • Hahaha, You may be right. Apart from Edward. who really does look like he’s trying to do the running man. (Yay for dodgy dance moves)

      I do like the sky and the general colour tone though.

  16. You know, every time a poster has come out I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say that they like it. So I thought I’d say that I like this one.

  17. I’m really not impressed by this poster. First of all, it looks hideously photoshopped. I mean, Edward, Bella, and Jacob all look like their heads were cut-and-pasted on to their bodies. Second of all, the wolves and characters in the back look terribly cut and paste, and are in unnatural positions. The photo doesn’t look good at all. It looks like it was created by an amateur in an “Intro to Photoshop” class. I daresay that the movie posters have gotten progressively worse. I loved the Twilight movie poster. It grave a great taste of what the movie would be like, which is what movie posters should do. The New Moon, Eclipse, BD p1 posters were OK, but all had the same style to them. This one is just awful. It doesn’t give a true representation of the movie.


  19. I like it, it’s something different.

  20. I like it, it looks like they are ready to kick some booty…and the sky is pretty too!

  21. is there going to be a Volturi poster? Seems kinda ridiculous if there isn’t.

  22. I’ve honestly been disappointed in most of the posters since the original Twilight, which had a great poster.

    In the Twilight poster, Edward looked intimidating and other-worldly, and he was situated in a way that symbolized protection of Bella. She looked like a real girl. The Twilight poster was beautiful.

    Since then, they always put too much make-up on both of them, or photoshop their faces too much… and they just stand there and look dramatic and awkward and made up. I thought BD Part 1 was the closest they got to something different and meaningful, but they should have used the photographer from Twilight all along.

  23. Joshua Roberts says

    There is no way around it, this is a terrible poster. It looks anticlimatic, and feels overtly photoshopped. I think it would have been better to show the Cullens and the wolves sheilding Renesmee with the slug line: “To protect her…”

    The Battle for Forever Begins

  24. Yeah, I don’t think this poster is memorable for the final poster for this series. It’s not quite as memorable as say the burning Hogwarts over looking the lake for the final HP movie.

    I think something with Bella and Edward shielding Renesmee would have been a lot better for the final poster instead of seeing Jacob right up front, yet again, with Edward and Bella and their child nowhere in sight.

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