Breaking Dawn Part 2 Ticket Sales Outpacing Part 1

According to Deadline: 


I’ve learned that Summit Entertainment will report that first day advance ticket sales for Breaking Dawn – Part 2 are outpacing Part 1. Tickets went on sale Monday and grosses already are shattering Twilight Saga films as the last in the series gets ready to release November 16th. In comparison to Part 1, Summit’s first day total for Part 2advance ticket sales is 87% higher. (Part 1 came in at $626K; Part 2 at $1.17 million). Over a quarter of all tickets sold yesterday were from moviegoers snapping up tickets for ‘The Twilight Saga Marathon’ show which offers fans the chance to screen all of the films in the franchiseon November 15th before the release of the final installment. Summit’s first day total for Part 2 is already running ahead of the three-day cume for Part 1.

Given what we reported yesterday on how hot the sales were on Fandango alone, this is not surprising.


  1. Oh god I really hope I am in time to buy the tickets for the marathon!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie does the best, at least on the opening weekend, of all five movies. After all, it is the last hurrah, and I think there could be a lot of extra interest in it for that reason.

  3. Rebekah H says:

    Got my tickets for the marathon event yesterday and I am so excited to take my oldest daughter with me. We are going to go all day and watch films and eat junk food while drooling over Edward and Jacob!

  4. I wont be suprised if BD pt.2 beats Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows p.2. I love both, but I’ve got to say that the Twilight fanbase is just stronger, and well, more crazy (you know its true). DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THE PREMIERE SHOWINGS ARE AT 10PM INSTEAD OF 12 LIKE USUAL?

  5. I have my ticket for the marathon showing here in the UK, which will screen well before you guys in the US.. Twitter will be busy that night!

  6. Summit has so much to thank Stefenie Meyers and The Twi Series for. They will be hard pressed to find another like it. It is so bittersweet, I can’t wait for it to come out, but want to make it last longer. I wish they would make her a deal she couldn’t refuse for Midnight Sun, or a follow-up to the series. Then, let her produce it! Pick her own actors, set her own scenes….I can dream….uhmmmm sigh


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