Win Gold Passes to the New Jersey Official Twilight Convention!

Creation Entertainment is giving us a set of two Gold Passes to give away to one lucky fan to attend the Official Twilight Convention in Parsippany, New Jersey.  The convention is being held the weekend of Oct. 5-7 at the Hilton Parsippany Hotel.  Gold passes are sold out so this is the only way you can get a gold pass to this convention!  The winner is responsible for their own transportation to and from the event as well as their own hotel room.  If you would like a chance to win this prize, leave us a message saying “Thank you, Creation!” in the comments.  We will pick one winner at random on Saturday evening.  

1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events both days. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more. 

2) FREE in-person autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance: Booboo Stewart, Christian Camargo, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, and Daniel Cudmore. You get ONE autograph per celebrity, and have the option to purchase more if offered for individual sale. This benefit is worth a large part of your entire package, IN FACT if bought separately it would cost $100 so you know “going Gold” is a great deal. 

3) FREE ADMISSION to The CULLEN WEDDING RECEPTION Saturday Night… Celebrities (Booboo Stewart, Christian Camargo, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, and Daniel Cudmore), music, costumes, dancing, a DJ, surprises, centerpieces, a


  1. Thank you, Creation!

  2. Thank you, Creation!

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  8. “Thank you, Creation!”

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    Thank You Creation!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you, Creation!

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  14. Thank you, Creation!!!!!!

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    Thank you, Creation!
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  30. “Thank you, Creation!”

  31. Thank you, Creation! 🙂

  32. kathy torres says

    THANK YOU CREATION!!!! I’m taking step daughter n hubby who just had surgery! Never missed one!!!

  33. Thank you, Creation!

  34. What a dream come true! Thanks Creation & Fyeguy!

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  36. Thank you, Creation.

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