What’s Missing from Breaking Dawn Part 2 Footage



For Laura’s Movies.com column this week she covers what are the most important items that we haven’t seen or barely seen.

Lastly, for a franchise that has built itself on romance, there is a decided lack of romance that has been shown to fans other than those who attended Comic-Con. That footage is pretty much nowhere to be found online so it’s probably fair to say the majority of the 30 million fans on Facebook alone probably haven’t seen it.  We have gotten a brief glimpse of Edward and Bella holding hands in the first trailer, and those that went to the Target DVD release got a sweet moment of Edward and Bella in their cottage, but that’s it. Footage was definitely shot in the cottage location (which is a fan favorite romance moment), but how much of that sequence is in the movie remains to be seen.

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  1. Well, the rating restricted some of that action. I’m not surprised.

  2. my favorite is Twilight. The very first movie depicted the romance as priority. I am a true twi-hard and I love all the book and movies. However, sometimes they get so intent on doing the science fiction and getting all that action in there that they forgot about the longing and desire that these books are all about. Oh don’t worry, I’ll be standing in line to see the movie, standing in line for the DVD release, and we are getting together in December for a hugeeeee party. These guys just don’t get the longing, passion, and feverish desire that Bella and Edward have for each other like Catherine did. Much respect goes out to that little lady!!!! <3

    • I totally agree with you, Karen. I love the way Catherine Hardwicke insisted on the atmosphere and tension, like every little breath was important and there for a reason in Twilight.

  3. Lavonda Volzke says:

    You mention a Target DVD release and got a sweet moment of Edward and Bella in their cottage, where can I find this and what is the title of it?

  4. Nice article! One mistake though – Billy Burke doesn’t play Nate in Revolution – he plays Miles. It’s Pardo that plays Nate.

  5. I’d like to think that they are just saving the best for last. Bill Condon did a great job with BD1, so I have faith that I won’t be disappointed.

    I also have to agree with the comments about Twilight. Although the budget was much smaller than the others, and the special effects were not as good, Catherine Hardwick really captured the feel of the teen characters. I love all of the movies, but the characters just don’t seem like teenagers in the others.

  6. For me Twilight captured the “tone” of the book. The angst, the reluctance of what loving each other might do a sort of desperation. That is not in the other films. Don’t get me wrong I still love the movies but the first one was the one that had that feeling that need.
    To much of the ancillary stuff took over.
    Whoever said the action played to big is a roll was right and the wolves abs did too.

  7. what is the link with Starring Meryl Streep?

  8. Thanks Jack. I have faith in Bill. BD2 will be great. I wish he could have done all the films. Of course I like them all..

  9. I definitely agree that the first movie in the franchise captured the romance properly. I think with that one, it had more room to build around for the bit of the nomadic coven we saw and it balanced perfectly with the romance. Eclipse, JMO, was definitely the worst in terms of romance.

  10. I find it ironic that everyone says the first of the saga was the best. I mean, while it may have captured the “feeling” as everyone is calling it, everything else about it was worse than the rest of the movies. That blue screen cap that Hardewick put on it was terrible and of all the scripts, the first movie’s was the cheesiest and most laughable by far. With all of thise mistakes, it was hard to get into the real meaning of the story because it was just made too silly. That’s just my opinion though.

    • I agree with you Sarah. I felt like they rushed everything about the relationship. It felt like one minute they wanted nothing to do with each other then the next scene it was “OMG I’m totally in love with you!” There wasn’t a lead up to the romance. Nothing was drawn out about it. Plus, they messed up the most important scene! The meadow! That was my biggest problem with Twilight. I feel like they have definitely improved with every movie and that BD2 will be the best. But the first movie was the cheesiest.

  11. Really the only great Twilight movie is Twilight. They seemed to of lost something when they had more money going into the other ones. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed them, but unlike twilight have only watched the others 2-3 times. Twilight I lost count.

  12. You are so correct. The first movie was a hot mess. It was soooooo cheesey and very hard to watch. That famous “spider monkey” scene is laughable and so is the ballet scene with the cullen siblings coming thru the windows, i mean you could tell they were wearing the wires. I could go on all day. If people thought that was the best one then what does it say about the other movies.

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