Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Date Confirmed!

We just had confirmation from Summit Entertainment that the premiere for Breaking Dawn part 2 will be held at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on Monday Nov. 12, 2012.  Camping will start on Nov. 8. 2012.  


I can’t stress this enough!  There will be more information coming on Oct. 1 about the camping situation that is VITAL for you to have before you even book your ticket.  Summit is working on a great plan to make sure the camping situation goes as smoothly as possible.  So please, wait until all the information is finalized before you book your plane ticket.  We will keep you updated as much as possible.  


  1. Ive never been to a premiere! And I guess I never will…

  2. I don’t have school that day!!!!! Omg I’m so excited. Living in LA is great and my school is only like 20 mins from downtown. I’m soooo there.

  3. I have a question! If there is a premiere in LA does that mean there will not be a premiere in NY? Please answer!

  4. Aleisha Steptoe says:

    I so hope I can make it, and there was a question about the New York Premiere. Is that any different for the fans than in LA?

  5. My plane tickets have been booked for like 2 months now…

  6. Hi, do you happen to know if summit have confirmed a London premiere date yet? I’m not able to fly to LA becuase I live in England but I wanted to travel down to London, and so far no dates have been announced! 🙁 could you help me out? Thankyou!

  7. Hi, did you guys receive any new updates regarding the campout? 🙂

  8. Hi, did you guys receive any new updates regarding the camp out?

  9. I wanted to ask you if you could give me the info where I could sign up for the Camping grounds for the Twilight Saga BD premiere.. I read your info that I needed to sign up before Nov. 8th to register for us to camp out.. Id really appreciate your help..Thanks so much.

  10. anyone wana be camp buddies and tent next to each other? have come from sydney, australia!


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