Special Scene At End of Breaking Dawn Part 2

At an event for iD gum, Kellan Lutz told TheInsider.com that there is a special scene after the end credits for Breaking Dawn Part 2.  

“They’re gonna love it, and Bill [Bill Condon, the director] even told me that, stay for the credits — there’s a really special thing happening.”

This follows the pattern Condon set in Breaking Dawn Part 1.  There was an extra scene that hinted at what was to come.  Even though we tried to get the word out, we heard from many fans who missed it.  So consider this your warning!  Stay through the credits!

Kellan also talked about the news that the film differs from the book.

“Every film’s been building and building, and Bill Condon really had a great idea with ending the series with Breaking Dawn 2, and just adding a little more flavor to parts of the book that weren’t there, but he elaborated more on,” he says. “I think the fans are really going to enjoy it.”

You can read the whole story at TheInsider.com.  Thanks to Twilightish for the heads up.  


  1. I am EXCITED!!!

  2. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Emily White says:

    I’ll bet this is where that random picture of Stephenie in the meadow comes into play; like an homage to her inspiration for the whole series since it all began in the meadow. If so, sounds like a nice touch to end on. Kudos, Mr. Condon.

  4. Maybe it’s the Cullens starting high school again, but this time with Bella. That scene of them entering the cafeteria in the first movie is so memorable! Now imagine that redone again with the whole “Who are they?” “Oh, those are the Cullens.”, and then we see them entering, but now with Bella included.

    • That would be fun!

      • That was be so cool! 🙂 But then. . . what’s going to happen to Renesmee? Ahaha, Oh wait, she would be with them because she’ll be like 17 right? . . . “And who is SHEEE???” “Oh, that’s Renesmee Cullen. . . ” OMIGOSHHH.!! the whoosh of her long, copper ringlets as she walks in Haha.!

  5. Maybe it’ll be something for us, like remembering the whole saga, since its the end it would fit and be very nice and… bittersweet? Oh god , I can’t wait, I just hope I can go to the marathon. Better start behaving

  6. Oh now I am so confused and scared. Will we cry because it’s the end or will we cry because of the ending? From comments Kellan, Kristen and Jackson have made, it sounds like because of the ending. I hope it’s because of something sweet and touching and not because one or more of the main characters dies or something like that. I hope they wouldn’t do that to us fans just to make the point that there is no more Twilight. Now I’m gonna be stressed out until the movie gets released. Sigh 🙁

  7. I think it might be the “dance off” that they did to Bill Condon in surprise…what other way to end the saga by showing the actors made a show for the fans of the series.

    • That would be awesome, I really want to see that. But I also kind of hope it’s something that will touch out hearts and have it be a good ending so we can have good memories of the Twilight saga 😀

      • Oh, me too! I hope it is the dance scene but I can’t see why that would make us cry unless it is meant to be funny and we cry from so much laughter. Maybe it shows a future shot of Jacob and Renesmee or some recap of the romance between Edward and Bella ending with them in the cottage pledging forever, etc. I guess we can wait 54 more days to find out. Maybe.

  8. I think it may be Jacob and Renesmee in the futer getting married. But have to want and see in the end.

  9. I think it would be cool for them to show Jacob and Renesmee’s wedding!

  10. Epilogue. Please, let be an epilogue.

  11. I love being surprised, I’m so excited! I appreciate Bill’s style and opinions so I’m doubly excited.

    I can’t remember if I saw the extra clip after BD1. We usually hang out through credits in movies but I can’t remember the scene, what was it?

  12. It was the scene with the Volturi at the end when Aro was like, “They have something that I want,” I think.

  13. I was sure it was going to be Jacob and Renesmee falling in love for the first time with her all grown up — but I love the idea even more of all of the Cullens walking into a new school again, this time with Bella. The perfect bookend!

  14. Yey!!!! So excited for Breaking Dawn Part 2 but sad it’s coming to an end.

  15. Christina says:

    Have I been banned from TL? Because the BD poster came out today and no one has posted anything! And the last post I see is from Sept. 20th!!

    • Go up top and hit the HOME button Christina . I’m having the same issue with being brought back to this post every time I visit this site.

  16. If it’s Stephenie Meyer at the end, it’s going to be worse than the “frolicking in the woods” scene in Alice’s vision from New Moon. I hope Bill has a little more sense than that.

    It’s probably going to be the dance off with the whole cast, but personally I think that should wait for the dvd.

    I think it might be the flashforward where Renesmee is grown up and with Jacob. Ugh.

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