Gold Pass Giveaway for Twilight Detrolit Convention

We are giving away two Gold Passes to the Detroit Twilight Convention that is taking place the last weekend in September.  Here’s what the giveaway includes:


1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events both days. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q&A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance: BOOBOO STEWART, ALEX MERAZ, CHARLIE BEWLEY, CASEY LaBOW and CHASKE SPENCER. You get ONE autograph per celebrity, and have the option to purchase more if offered for individual sale. This benefit is worth a large part of your entire package, IN FACT if bought separately it would cost $100 so you know “going Gold” is a great deal.

3) FREE ADMISSION to The CULLEN WEDDING RECEPTION Saturday Night… Celebrities (Booboo, Alex, Charlie, Casey and Chaske), music, costumes, dancing, a DJ, surprises, centerpieces, a cash bar and non-stop partying! Prizes for the best dressed and best dancer as well as to the person who brings the very best Twilight Themed Centerpiece. Always a super-cool highlight of the weekend: come dressed to kill! There’s even a dance contest and best dressed competition with prizes!

4) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for all our signings that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM. We go row by row, you are in the first rows: you get the idea!

5) GOLD PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

6) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your GOLD coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.

7) With our new “pick out your own seat” floor plan you actually get to select YOUR seat which is yours the entire convention time. Unlike virtually EVERY other fan convention but Creation produced events once you get your ticket (any kind of admission ticket) you don’t have to wait or worry about getting into the theatre to see what you want to see. This is a BIG difference and we like our audience to know about it. It really makes for a much more fun and relaxed atmosphere!


Just tell us in the comments why you would really like to go to the convention and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday at midnight eastern


  1. I really like to go because I never been their and I <3 alex 😀

  2. Jenn Wisnieski says:

    Have loved All things Twilight since I discovered the books way back when!! The twilight convention would be an amazing way to celebrate the end of the saga 🙂

  3. I’d love to win because this is the first time I’ve known of a Twicon in Michigan that I could go to. And because I’d share with my best friend who loves Twilight too. 🙂

  4. Esmeralda Lawrence says:

    I would really like to go!.. I have never been to a convention before and going to a Twilight convention would be the one to go to.

  5. Wow! What a giveaway! I really wish I could go. My son Jakob *he is 12 and is 100% Team Bella* and I were trying so hard last year and this to save up and go to one close to us. It wasn’t in the cards for us then, so if I was to win, we could finally go and show just how big of ‘Twi-Addicts’ we are! We dress up for every midnight release we have been to 🙂 Yes, even my son dresses up.
    So I would be ecstatic to win for myself and my son to finally go and support the wonderful actors from the films and also to the event hosts for creating such a wonderful gathering for Twi-Hards alike.

    Good Luck to everyone who enters!! *crosses fingers*

  6. Ever since i discovered the books i made my mum but cinema tickets dvds and extra books, im 13 and not spoilt at all this was all birthdays n christmas’ but im in england, is there on here ??xxxxx

  7. I would love to go to the Twilight Convention in Detroit because it is on my bucket list to attend. I have read the books at least 10 times over. I do not have the money to attend such a wonderful trip. I am 59 years old and I will always be a ” Twi-hard” fan for life.

  8. I would love to be at a place where I can really feel like a ‘twi-hard.’ I’ve had Twilight parties with friends the last 3 movies and my friends just don’t get my love for all things Twilight :). Plus, it’s actually close enough to home that I can drive there. I planned on it, but unfortunately life happened and the funds are just not there.

  9. I will be graduating December 9th with my BBA-Accounting and being able to attend this convention (w/ my 13 year0
    -old son) would be the icing on the cake for us. It’s been a long 2 years of full time schooling for me and the Twilight Saga has been a togetherness for my son and I. We read the books together, we’ve seen the movies together, and to go to this convention together would be amazing! Thanks.

  10. Anna Mulryan says:

    I’d really like to go to the convention since it will be the last twilight conventions ever! I haven’t been since they 1st started and I remember how much fun it was to go and I’d really like the chance again but I can’t afford it! Help a sister out! Please please please please!! 🙂

  11. Oh My, I would love to go to the Twilight Convention, I haven’t gotten to do any of them ever. My reason I have been a long time 24 hours a day mom who never gets out to do anything. So much so that I made my 11 year old son watch all the movies with me. Now that my kids are older and their dad is working in Michigan I would love a short get-a way. I am a huge fan. I even drive around with a big “TWILIGHT” sign on my truck. I am also a huge collector of merchandise from t-shirts too stand ups. Thank You for the chance to win a trip to a local convention!

  12. I would love to go to a Twilight Convention, especially since this is the last one!!! I am a huge Twilight fan and have never been able to go to any special events etc because they cost too much money. I ilve in WI but would gladly drive to MI to see Twilight stars if I won these tickets!!!! Thanks!

  13. Rebecca Doll-Suppes says:

    Oh, please! Two years ago my Twihard sister and I were booked on the Twilight cruise to Alaska. Thinking that there would never be a reason for us not to make this trip of a lifetime (“we’re not missing this for anything!”), we failed to buy trip insurance. Just before the sail date my husband became sick and went into septic shock – putting him of life-support, in a coma and leaving me and my 3-year old son wondering if he would come out of it for what we did not know would be five long months. Needless to say, we did not go on the cruise did not receive a full refund (money was tight with one income and this was a real blow). I insisted that my sister go anyway. She and her husband went reluctantly, and as much as we had celebrated the world of Twilight to that point, and no matter how much she kept telling herself to get into it for my sake, she tells me she just couldn’t enjoy it without me and knowing the heartache that was going on back home. This was OUR thing and I wasn’t there. My husband has since recovered, and I’d love to be able to live the dream with my sister one last time before it all fades into the sunset. Please won’t you consider my sister, Kathi, and me for this? I promise that we will be the most enthusiastic and fun fans to ever attend a Twilight convention (and yes, we can make it to Detroit on short notice!). This is a very big deal to us! Thanks!

  14. Would love to go! Detroit is only a few hours away. I’ve been to one before but this one includes actors I’ve yet to meet!

  15. I would love to go to the convention! I think it would be great to see the actors up close and personal! Plus, it would awesome to hear about Breaking Dawn Part 2 and what their filming experience was like! Detroit is amazing and so close to me! What better way to spend a weekend!!!!

  16. This convention is just a stone’s throw from my house and a less than a mile away from my AMC theater. What a fun way to spend the weekend! I would love to share this experience with the person responsible for introducing me to the books in the first place. She is a former Miss Michigan who adores all things Twilight. I actually took her to a Bobby Long concert a couple years ago and arranged for her to meet him. (Ah the power of the crown!)
    He’s a sweetheart btw.
    Anyway, this would be a great gift for her. She is a caring, generous person who would truly appreciate such a gift. She was a Twilight fan before it was cool. 🙂
    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  17. I would love to go just because I have never been to one. I would also get to share the experience with my Twimoms page on Facebook which would be so much fun.

  18. To be honest…I found a book that a friend of mine left behind, and I am such a big reader, that when I saw the cover(Twilight) I thought it would be interesting. So, I started reading it and automatically was reeled in to it and fell in love! I didn’t want to say much to anyone…not knowing how they would respond…so I told my brother and he said that he seen the movie of it and said he wasn’t to thrilled but that I probably would be, knowing that I was a vampire at heart since I could walk! So, i needed the books and movies and started reading the books than went on to movies! My older brother lives down by Detroit, I am born and raised till I was 8 in Port Huron, then moved to the great U.P.( over the bridge to Northern Michigan). I am a HUGE fan of the “Pack” even though I am a Vampire gal! Please, please pick me to be one of the winners!!!

  19. Wow! A Twilight convention here in Detroit?!?! I don’t think we’ve had a convention here before. I would love to go!!! I’ve been a Twihard since I watched Twilight. Immediately after, I got all the books, and have read them many times over. Can’t wait for BD2!!!

  20. Fiona Cullen says:

    I have never been to a Twilight Convention because I live in Australia but if I won tickets I would drop everything to buy plane tickets. It would be a dream come true to attend just one.

  21. Wow a Twilight Convention here in Michigan? And close to home! What an opportunity! My daughter and I are huge Twilight fans and with each movie we’ve done a “marathon” day. What a wonderful way to kick off the final chapter of the sage!

  22. My oldest daughter and I love Twilight. We just got back from WA state and did the Forks tour. My daughter looks like Bella and she was born in Detroit!

  23. I’d love to go! It’s a chance to be with my friends and “family”. Once last chance to all ve together!

  24. I would just really love the opportunity to go since this will be the last year for the twilight convention!!!!

  25. I would love to go bc I am a huge male twilight fan, I’m 29 drive truck and don’t fit the normal mold of a person in the fandom. I have read all the books numerous times. I have 4 small children and I enjoy reading to them when I can. Detroit isn’t far from me and it would be a wonderful for me to go. A dream come true after spending 4 months off the road with a dislocated elbow this year. Thank you for your consideration

  26. lyn mckenzie says:

    i would looove to because i am a twilight addict and i am not satisfied with the movies want to see more! i live in scotland but if i won the passes i would make it my definate point to make it over to america! that would just be amazing!!!

  27. Since my daughter and I are the ultimate fans we so need to go. Itnwould be an awesome adventure!

  28. michelle griebel says:

    This would be the adventure of a lifetime! How exciting! Thank-you for the opportunity!

  29. Planned on going to this convention but just could not swing it financially. This would be a great way to end the saga. Have made so many wonderful friends because of twilight.

  30. So, I thought about this as I went through the photos I took on our third road-trip to Forks (for Stephenie Meyer Day) just last week. Why I really want to go to the Detroit Convention: It’s the last opportunity, it’s the Twilight Saga Prom and any “reunion party” won’t happen for a really long time. I probably won’t be around then. I’m reaching for all the opportunities I can to link wonderful memories with my best friend and with my daughters so that when someone whispers “Twilight” to them in the future, they’ll have great memories of a time when there was a magic that we could all see and feel. So, before I go blind, or before I develope the seizures or before the migraine headaches that plague me become too much for me to leave my home, I am embracing these opportunities. A rare auto-immune disease may be trying to steal the magic and memories from my life, but like Bella, I won’t go down without a fight. I will keep the Twilight magic going and share it with my daughters and my best friend every single opportunity I get wether or not it is in Detroit or my living room or on the pages of my scrapbook. Thank you for giving me a chance at this opportunity. Keep the magic going!!!

  31. I would love to go to this convention because I have never been to one. I have been struggling financially and could never dream of affording something like this! I am a die hard Twilight fan, read all the books, have seen every movie as midnight! I am puling every string to see Breaking Dawn pt 2 at midnight as well! Winning this would be amazing, a dream come true and a ray of sunshine in all the hard and difficult I have pulled through in the past year.

  32. Hi, did you pick out a winner on Friday?

  33. THis is the first time a free convention pass give-a-way has been offered in my area! I would love to go since I am a Twilight fan and would not be able to afford it otherwise. Thanks.

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