Poll take 2: When did you first read the Twilight books?

twilight-booksWhen we ran the initial poll about when fans started reading the books in relation to the movie, we found out through the comments that we weren’t quite specific enough. So we thought we would see if the results differed a bit by changing up the wording.  Thanks so much for participating and leaving all the great feedback!  Let us know if you think this poll made it easier for you to answer.  


  1. The results are still going to be shifted toward the readers. I will be surprised if anyone on this site marks only watched the films.

  2. To be honest, if I had watched the first film before reading the books, I would never have gone any further. While the characters were enjoyable, the dialog and some of the scenes were just not that good. That said, I love the books and have read them many times. I have also watched all of the films many times (including Twilight) and am hoping to go to the marathon in November. I am so grateful to Stephenie for these books. They have definitely helped me through some difficult times and I’m sure will bring me happiness for the rest of my life.

  3. I never have read any books. At the time, I was 33 and not a reader, just watched tv and movies. I watched Twilight just to see what the hype was about and it interested me enough to buy the books and read them. I read all 4 books in 7 days while I worked the graveyard shift and kept my family going. I only slept 3 hrs a day and couldn’t believe how much these books captured my attention, oh plus I lost 12 pounds! Now i read all kinds of books and enjoy them greatly, thanks Stephanie for writing such AWSEOME books.

  4. I did see Twilight before I read the books, but I read them IN SPITE of having seen Twilight (which I didn’t like) on the recommendation of a friend.

  5. I started reading Twilight after I found out about the movie coming out

  6. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Yes, the revision helped, although technically I fit two categories. It’s just hard anytime you have fewer categories than people 🙂

  7. Like some of you, I have read/listened to the books many times and have tolerated the movies. Bella is portrayed well. Edward is spot on. Jacob is OK. Alice is fine. The others are all marginal. Stephanie is a very good writer.

    • I read all the books before I even saw a trailer for the movie and I loved them. My Bella & Edward looked very different in my head, although I grew to love the actors who played all the characters. And I thought Pattinson in particular captured Edward really well.

    • I love Stephanies writing, its spot on, there are better writers out there (as in JK Rowling etc.)who are better writers but this was Steph’s first time out and she hit it out of the field! And I never read JK’s books ten times either as I and thousands of others have this Twi series. There was something so simplistic and captivating in the story and writing. And Emmett was spot on what the book described. Alice not at all, she was suppose to be under 5 foot tall! But Ashley Green did a great job on her with a really lame script. I think the script was aways the problem, not directors, or even acting. lol So we all know the movies did not come close to meeting our expectations, but they did fuel our needs. Each of us had our own visions of these characters, all different, so they would never get those right no matter who they hired, somebody would always be disappointed, although, I am so sad its all coming to a end, lets pray Stephanie has another dream, and we get to continue on with our beloved Cullens into their future, can you imagine????

  8. After I saw Twilight And New moon. I had already found out about them before but I was very young and didn’t like reading, it was summer 2010 the first time I decided to give them a try, and became even more obsessed, enough that it turned out to not be so healthy. But they have helped through a lot

  9. Does reading all four of them like three weeks before Twilight came out count as before the reading them before the movie because up until I saw a clip with Cam and Rob on ET Canada, I hadn’t read the books and was only mildly interested in reading them at that point.

  10. I read the first book after I aaw the first trainer of twilight. The rest though after mening the first movie and s couple of times after I finisched the books for the first time and i still love theme

  11. The first Twilight movie I saw was New Moon when I was visiting the US. I didnt know it was a series (The Twilight Saga is not so well known in my part of the world), so a friend in the US lent me a DVD of Twilight (P1). Somethings didnt make sense to me immediately in the first movie and I felt at a loss at certain places, though it helped me understand New Moon better. Being a non-reader of the books, I had a hard time connecting the dots. For example, in New Moon when Bella says to Jasper ‘No fair with the mood control thing.’, I was like ‘errrr… what?’ That Jasper can control moods was not explained in the first film. (Although I have to admit that Twilight films have come a long way since then in terms of adaptation.) Anyway, curiousity led me to read the books, after which, I watched all the movies. Have been a fan since – more so of the books than the movies. The Breaking Dawn P1 is an exception to that. Loved the movie and looking forward to P2. 🙂

  12. “I read all the books before I ever saw any of the films…” BUT it was right before the first movie came out, not as the books were published individually.

  13. Mella Cullen says:

    Twilight the movie was out on DVD when my friend let me borrow the 4 books. I had a plan: Read Twilight, then watch the movie, then read the next three books. That is what I did and I became absolutely obsessed. I then read the book that shall not be named (hangs head in sadness and embarrasment), watched NM in the theatre at midnight, read Bree Tanner, watched Eclipse and BD at midnight. I am a 36 year old woman who litterally fell in love with not only Twilight, but also with reading again. SM basically changed my life for the better. Oh, and yes, I have re-read all of the books and re-watched all of the movies more times than I could even count. 🙂

    It has been such a fun experience!

  14. FayeMassenroe says:

    I saw Twilight and then got the book and read it…then I had to get NM and Eclipse movies and books. Never saw any movie at the theater until Breaking Dawn!

  15. I sat down and read Twilight after New Moon was released on DVD……..I remember not putting it down until I finished it and read all 4 books in about 6 weeks – the first time! I’ve since read them multiple times but only saw Breaking Dawn part 1 at the theatre – I will of course be seeing the finale at the theatre in November!

  16. I read them after seeing Twilight. While the movie was B-quality, I was intrigued enough by the theme and plot to give the books a try. I finished them in less than a week, and read them again the next week, and the next. I think I have eight complete reads under my belt.

  17. I read all the books after the Twilight film came out, but I haven’t seen the film until the books weren’t finished. I read all in one week during the exam period. The first 3 took 1-1 day, and BD took 2 and a half. I think that is an OK time if someone’s native language isn’t english, and should study for her pharmacology exam… 🙂
    (And I remember, that the 4th book came out in hungarian just months after that I’ve already read them all. I laughed so much about the hype that was around the hungarian publishing 😀 )

  18. I read all the books before the movie came out.

    But I just wanted to add that my husband got hooked when Bree Tanner came out. He is not a reader, but he grabbed that short book one night when he was going out of town, thinking “eh… this is short… maybe I’ll give it a try.” He texted me at midnight and said he couldn’t put it down! I texted back, “Of course you can’t! It’s a Stephenie Meyer book!” He loved the Bree Tanner book, and he began to understand my love of Twilight. I kept telling him it isn’t the movies I love — it’s the books!

    He didn’t go back and read the first 3 Twilight books because he’d seen the movies, but he ended up listening to Breaking Dawn & The HOST as audio books. He went to the midnight showing of BD1 and wants to be there for BD2 — and is excited about The Host movie too!

    Some people just don’t know what they’re missing…

  19. An earlier comment mentioned “The Host”. My teenage son is a twi_hater. I listen to the books and watch the movies multiple times and he has been exposed to them. However, he has been captured by the book “The Host”. Stephanie is very prolific.

  20. I only read the books after seeing part of the first film. My sister read them after watching the first film completely and she became obsessed. After hearing her all the time talk about them, I read them between finals in college…right around the time new moon press started. I saw the New Moon trailer and thought….hmm, that looks okay…and she said the books are better. So, I read them in about a week and I’ve been hooked ever since. 🙂

  21. I saw Twilight on tv and was intrigued. Then I found out that New Moon had just been released, so I watched the trailer, saw Rob/Edward take off his shirt and the way his pants hung off his hips so I checked when the next showing was. I went to see New Moon and immediately walked next door to the bookstore and bought Twilight. I read that in a day and braved a dust storm to go buy the rest of the series. I thought I had bought them all, but when I got home and was reading the backs, I realized that The Host is not the Twilight series, so I had to go back and get Breaking Dawn.

  22. April 2007. I remember because that is when my state’s standardized testing in school was. My friend suggested the book because I would finish early with the test and have nothing to do afterwards. I was in 7th grade, now I’m a college freshman. :*)

  23. My sister was bugging me to read the first book back when new moon came out.. I said I would but kept thinking “vampires? I’m not into vampires at all” ..besides she annoyed me obsessing over it, (counting the days till eclipse came out , always carrying one of the books everywhere or crying because Rob was cast (lol she still doesn’t like him!) so I kept putting it off … I remember the day I finally gave in it was march 26 2008 ..my sister threatened me to read them now or she would locked them in her closet and I’ll never see them again.. I was so bored that day so I reluctantly started reading Twilight and after the second page I was hooked … in 4 days I was done with all 3 books and counting the days to BD and the movie.

  24. Dawnika Stephenson says:

    I put that I didn’t read the books until after I saw the film. Before the movies, I hadn’t heard of the books. I had seen the books before,but I paid so little attention that I only noticed the cover,but I didn’t know what they were called or what they were about. I didn’t see Twilight until April 2009 from my then boyfriend’s Netflix after I got more curious. I bought the first book at Wal-Mart a couple months later. I didn’t get the other books till my parents got all of the other 3 for Christmas 2009.(It ws the only gifts I got from them that Christmas.) I got Twilight on DVD a couple months after I got the Twilight book,before Christmas of 2009. I was a little late on starting Twilight. I didn’t read New Moon until after I saw New Moon. That was the only books or Movie DVD’s that I didn’t see until way after they were In theaters or released In stores. I did however get to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn before their movies though. I also saw New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn part 1 In theaters right on the day they were released or soon after. I also got them on DVD the day they were released. I plan to see and get Breaking Dawn Part 2 on the day they are released or soon after.

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