Passion Pit and Iko to be on Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

The Twilight Examiner has a rundown of two of the bands that are confirmed, be it with a bit of detective work, on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack. 

Check out the full story on Twilight Examiner and check out the bands’ signature sounds below.

The IKO song was the one underscoring the clip showed at Target at teh Breaking dawn Part 1 DVD release.


  1. Im not sure how I feel about Passion Pit, and the other one Iko, is fine….

    My hopes was definitely to have Muse on the final soundtrack, but also Evanescence. Their music was an integral part of the writing process for SM, as was Muse, and I would also love to have Paramore back! They composed and performed the most memorable song, out of all the prior 4 soundtracks.

  2. I just hope it’s better than the part 1 soundtrack, there are only a few songs I loved.

  3. Please Bill…put the Muse uprising song on for the big showdown with the Volturi. I thought about that one for a couple of years now and it seems the perfect song for the Cullens!

  4. I have really loved all of the soundtracks to all the Twilight movies so far. I did miss Muse & Death Cab for Cutie on the BD P1 soundtrack but still loved it. Some of the songs were so perfectly suited to the scenes they accompanied, ie Turning Page and Sister Rosetta. haha

    It seems to me that leaving Muse, Stephenie’s favorite band, off any soundtrack for a movie based on any one of her books is unacceptable! (:


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