New Face Friday: Meet Noel Fisher

This week’s “new face” isn’t so new to those of you who are active on Twitter.  Noel Fisher plays Vladimir in Breaking Dawn Part 2.  He and his Romanian coven counterpart, Guri Weinberg, have become rather popular on twitter and in the fandom.  You may have caught him in Hatfields & McCoys or Shameless.  Read the full interview at Team Twilight.   And if you need to refresh your memory about Vladimir, check out his character bio here.     

It’s been a really good year for you professionally, with playing a great character on Shameless, and then the role of Cotton Top on Hatfields & McCoys. What made you pick a 3000 year old grumpy vampire? Why did you want that role?

I actually booked Twilight before Shameless or Hatfields & McCoys, but obviously the Twilight franchise is in a world of its own, a class of its own. It’s really really different from anything else I’ve ever done. And that’s something that I try and do with my parts, kind of pick parts that are really different from one another and I’m also just a huge geek at heart, too. I love vampire stuff, I love fantasy/sci-fi, and all that kind of stuff so it’s right up my alley. That was another lucky thing. I get to play like a 3000 year old bad-ass vampire. That’s awesome!

You filmed Hatfields & McCoys in Romania and you played a Romanian vampire in Breaking Dawn. Did you feel a special bond with the country when you were there filming?
I don’t know, I basically thought it was a really funny coincidence that I was going there just a few months after Twilight wrapped. I thought that was quite funny. We shot near Vlad the Impaler’s actual castle, which isn’t really a castle anymore. It’s basically a bunch of rubble now, but some of the drivers in Romania were telling us that just a few miles from where we were was a pile of rubble that was actually Vlad the Impaler’s old spot. So I thought that was kind of cool.

To read the full interview, visit Team Twilight.


  1. Catherine Elizabeth says:

    I love all things Noel! He is a great actor.

  2. Hy,

    I’ve just check Vladimir’s bio and here’s something strange:

    Date of Birth: sometime before 1000 BC (OIG)

    Date of Change: Sometime before 500 AD

    Was he like 1500 years old when he was changed?

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