Twilight “experts” Debate the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Battle Sequence

Both Laura and Andrew Sims and Pam Gocobachi of the Imprint podcast guest appeared on the Vampire Hype podcast to discuss:

  • The new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer
  • What they think of the idea of an actual battle sequence
  • What they think the future of the franchise might be

You can check out the podcast here and skip ahead to the Breaking Dawn discussion.


  1. FWIW, the Breaking Dawn discussion starts at 28:00.

    It’s an interesting discussion as they parse out the scenes in the trailer.

    There is some grousing about the voice-over/hive-mind talking of the wolves in BD1, so if that bugged you, now’s your chance for catharsis on that. That’s news to me. If that really bugged people, I’m concerned that’s not promising for “The Host,” as I’d hoped they’d do the ghost-Edward approach (as in New Moon) of Melanie talking with Wanda, but apparently not. Just more voice-over.

    And they discuss/argue the pros and cons of the big fight, and when it might appear in the film. The impending deaths of all the Cullens/Volturi could be as horrifying for true fans, as it could be gratifying to the haters.

    And they ask who the survivors of an actual Cullen vs. Volturi fight would be???

    And they ask what the future of the franchise and fandom and Stephenie Meyer will be….?

  2. People have noted how the trailer doesn’t show Bella’s power working during the battle. Her power didn’t really become full blown until they met the Volturi. That has me leaning toward the battle being ‘nightmare’ of worse case scenario maybe from Nessie the night before? or maybe a bit of group discussion of possible battle. Guess we will just have to wait until 16 November.
    Interesting discussion on future of Twilight Fandom.

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