Vote: What is your favorite part of the Breaking Dawn trailer from the VMAs

Some of the footage was things that we have seen before. Other footage was stuff that only Comic Con attendees got to see. And finally there are entirely new things. What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments if we didn’t mention your favorite part.


  1. I wish I could choose several options! As a mother to a 6 year old and pregnant with my 2nd baby, I LOVE the interaction of Bella and Renesmee. However, Edward using Bella to roundhouse kick was amazing and so was Garrett getting zapped by Kate!

  2. Everything about that trailer was my favorite!! I can’t wait to see this movie!! 🙂

  3. Well, I personally think that the fight scenes were exaggerated (let’s wait to see how it is on the film) but the trailer was very nice. I love that we got to see more Renesmee!

  4. My fav part was the last part when Edward picks Bella up !! Oh god! And when they show jake running with Nessie ! Love it all !

  5. I think this time the movie wil be as good as the book and maybe much more thrilling. Because I’ve always been a fan of books than the movies, but Bill Condon makes me change my mind.

  6. Where’s the “I love all of it” button?
    I can’t pick just one! lol

  7. It was amazing!!! I absolutely CAN’T wait for the movie!!! It’ll be the best birthday gift ever. 😀 When I saw Edward pick Bella up and she did that big roundhouse kick at the end, my jaw fell to the ground and stayed there for quite a long time.

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