Twilight Offically Makes the Guinness Book of World Records

So the Guinness Book of World Record, yes, that Guinness Book of World Records, just contacted us to let us know that Twilight has made their upcoming 2013 edition! The award specifically refers to the Eclipse midnight release.


  1. Awesome !!!

  2. Amazing!! 🙂

  3. Let’s break more records for Breaking Dawn Part 2. 😀

  4. tammy coutler says

    Look at harry potter at the edge…HP is the highest grossing film series of all time , HP own the overall box office records and it has grossed double of twilight boxoffice and this is even without inflation.

    Its laughable that no twilight film has ever surpassed any HP film at the world wide box office and let me not even start with star wars and lord of the rings.

    • Twilight_News says

      Hi there Tammy, Hobbit fan, Raw Talent and every other moniker (you have like 12 of them) you come up with when we post anything about MTV’s VMA or Teen Choice or Awards coverage. It’s awfully hard to take anyone seriously who can’t decide what their name is…IP tracing baby!

      Seriously, you need to get over this awards fetish thing or you’re going to hurt yourself. I mean do you come here every day to check if Twilight has won an award? You must because this info hasn’t really hit on the web yet. So once again thanks for the hilarious trolling and the ad rev I’m getting every time you visit and post! it helps me keep the site that you hate running. So thank for contributing to us staying around!

      You have a problem with how awards are given out, take it up with the people handing them out, not the ones reporting on who received them it’s common sense 101.

      • Perfect!
        Thank you, for more than just this. For the site, the fun, and most of all your time spent.
        Cheers to you and yours!

        • LOL. “Burn!!”

          Will the Potter vs Twilight comparisons and debates never cease??

          They are two different film franchises. Both with loyal, passionate fan bases, and actually a lot of the same fans!! I know I love them both! Lord of the Rings too, as well as Star Wars. I could care less how much money they all make. I just care about the quality of the films, and the performances of the actors. And they all just so happen to be great. =)

  5. That isn’t even true! Deathly Hallows Part 2 made 43.5 million at midnight. Suppose the record books has no ethos.


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