The Final Breaking dawn Part 2 trailer

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  1. Therwasn’t mcuch new suff because they showed most of it yesterday. But the new scenes are friggin cool. 😀

  2. I loved it ! I actually thought there was enough new stuff !

  3. it sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! cah wait fi watch it!!

  4. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  5. My friends and I are going to be the first in line to see this! Bring on kick ass Bella!!!

  6. My oh my but that was pretty dang awesome! I’m so so it’s ending but we still have the books and DVD’s to replay as the need arises. I will probably watch this 50 more times before Nov. Stephenie, please finish Midnight Sun so we have one more thing to look forward to after the final movie. Please!

    • Stephenie commented in an interview she is done with twilight, she no longer has the inspiration. She can only wright if it is inspired. It is tragic though how Midnight Sun will never see the light of day.

      • Oh I know she has said that. I just keep hoping that she will someday feel as you say, “inspired” to finish it. I would love all the books to be written from Edward’s POV since there is so much else that happens that we don’t see. I just crack up with the humor Stephenie uses in the books and would love to read about Edward when he leaves Bella in New Moon and how he deals with his jealousy in Eclipse and what he thinks during the wedding & honeymoon, when Bella leaves to see J Jenks, when he realizes about Bella’s shield, etc. My imagination is good but these are her characters and I know I coud never ever imagine it the way she would write it. Sigh.

  7. I loved the trailer! I’m sure the movie will be great fun! The guys at Summit must have been dying to turn Twilight into X-Men though. They just couldn’t leave the end without an epic fight. :b Thanks for sharing it!

  8. Why is there physical fighting between the Voultries and Cullens/wolfs? THERE WAS NO PHYSICAL FIGHT IN THE BOOK. But anyways EPIC I cant wait.

    • Fiona Cullen says:

      My thoughts exactly, but I trust Bill won’t mess this up.

    • I think it is actually one of Alice’s visions. It still looks like it is going to be great!

    • In truth, if you notice, during the final battle scenes shown in the trailer, the Volturi stand back, as they send their cronies in to the fight. It is quite possible that we get things both ways…

      In respect to film, the “final battle” as read in the book, would be nigh unfilmable, as is, simply because every attack was mental.

      It’s cool to read it in a book, but to see a bunch of vampires staring at each other on screen, eyes twitching, making grimices, would have looked rather silly, so I agree with what they chose. As stated, they didn’t change it because they just wanted to create more flash and bang, they changed it because it a mental final battle wouldn’t have worked on screen.

      I believe we’ll see the Cullens and wolves mow down the Volturi’s cronies first, and then the Volturi will call the truce and have the final conversation as written in the book.

      • Stephanie actually wrote this scene during the time she filmed twilight

      • Agree, as Alice would have shown up by then with Nahuel and his aunt and the Volturi would have an out. Also in a vision from Alice we would see no wolves at all because she can’t see them or Renesmee, but in the trailer we see Renesmee on Jacob’s back running through the woods while being chased. I am a little disappointed with Edward breaking the ground instead of Benjamin. But I love the round house kick by Bella and Edward. So exited.

  9. Chela Madison says:

    Omg this is so exciting!!!

  10. I love it when Nessie touches Bella’s cheek ! <3

  11. Looks incredible!!!! I am looking forward to seeing all the new Vamps in action, but one thing I did notice in all the action scenes with Bella…we did NOT get to see her use her power!! So that right there, aside from the obvious lack of a ‘battle’ in the book, tells me that most of what we are seeing is the “implied, or predicted battle” that Alice saw. Now, how or rather where they insert it in the film, will be the big surprise for me. But, hey…it’s Bill Condon. I am sure however, and where ever he placed it in the film will work brilliantly!

    I am thrilled that the new romance between Garrett and Kate is featured!
    I don’t particularly care for the Sgt. Pepper uniforms the Volturi is wearing. I can’t take it seriously.
    I was hoping to get a glance at J. Jenks face
    I noticed in BD that the Vampires ‘sparkle’ was toned down almost to non-exhistant. I really want to see Nessie’s translucent, and Bellas Vampire skin in sunlight.

  12. Still think they could have done better in delivering a final product of higher quality. Bella’s voice is supposed to have a bell-sound like quality to it that comes with the vampiric transformation; I’m surprised they didn’t work with KStew in creating a different type of intonation to get this effect. The CGI during the fight scene looks slightly better this time around. However, the CGI at the beginning of the trailer when Bella takes down the lion and is jumping all over still looks incredibly cheap and fake to the point that, that is all that my attention focuses on. I do love that they added an epic battle at the end as to have stuck with the real ending of the book would have been an act of cinema suicide given how anticlimactic the book’s ending is. I guess we’ll just have to see. This movie could go either way in being a failure or success at this rate.

  13. That was pretty cool! I especially loved when Kate shocked Garrett.

  14. Looks amazing!

    I still say the fight isn’t what it looks like.

  15. Fiona Cullen says:

    I don’t understand why a new French coven was introduced, and why the vampire, who is presumably Henri, is chasing Renemee while she is on Jacob’s back. Nonetheless, it looks so incredible. Garrett is going to be amazing.

    • I think that was Santiago chasing after Jake and Nessie, I think they are going to have the French coven to show how the Volturi collect gifted vampires because the actors who play the french coven have both confirmed their charectors have special abilities and it would explain why it shows the Volturi in a warehouse with Alec using his gift.

  16. aww wonderful!! can’t wait!! I really loved the last scene Bella touching Edward’s hand and the round kick! 🙂

  17. Is there a 1080p version on youtube yet? So far I haven’t found one.

  18. The fight is different from book but it looks pretty awesome!!!! I was wondering what they were going to do because not much action goes on in the book… Yay!! Cant wait to see it

  19. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO against changing the ending of the book, but to quote Bella: HOLY CROW!!! The battle sequence, be it what it may, looks AWESOME!

    • I agree that I don’t like the idea of changing the ending of the book either but I also think the battle looks pretty intense. I will definitely have to see the movie several times to catch it all. As long as the final outcome is the same, they include some newlywed vamp lovin’ and Jacob’s reveal to Charlie, I’m good with the battle scene. Can’t hardly wait til November. I’ll just go watch the trailer some more now.

      • haha…I think I’ve watched this trailer 20 times now. I just love it and it gets me so excited for the movie.

        And my ABSOLUTE (well, one of them…) favorite part of the end of the book (convoluted, I know) is when Bella lifts her shield so Edward can see her thoughts. I DIE!!!
        sigh…I have to go read the book, again, again. (:

  20. Michael G says:

    Just bought my Marathon ticket for the 15th of November. Can’t wait.

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