Screen Grabs from Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

MTV is hosting 15 images from the new trailer. These images include still shots of Renesmee, Aro, Bella and Edward, and that awesome kick from Bella at the end of the trailer. Here are a few more images that they don’t feature for those of you needing more!  Jane is first with some new make-up.  Garrett and Kate are shown in the final battle.  And third is an unknown vampire that I’m going to guess is Henri from the French coven.  He is chasing Jacob in wolf form carrying Nessie on his back.  If anyone can get a good screen grab of the Romanian coven dropping out of the trees, let me know!  I’m not having any luck.  



  1. i know i’m going to be crying.

  2. olympic coven says:

    Wow, is an understatement. This is going to be a exciting,stressful, joyous, sad movie. What a way to end it. Come a long way since Twilight!

  3. I’m definitely going to cry before, during, and after the movie :’) . I agree with you, oympic coven!

  4. Yeah, I’m going to be crying throughout the movie. So sad that its ending. It’s been great. 🙁

  5. Yeah, I’m going to be crying throughout the movie. So sad that its ending. It’s been great.

  6. The Hobbit fan says:

    This is proof again that MTV is a propaganda network for Twilight. This award show tonight is a music award show it is not the movie awards. Yet MTV manages to squeeze a twilight trailer for the show so that teenage girls will watch and help them score ratings.

    this is the same reason why the twilight films keeps winning awards over masterpiece films like dark knight, inception and deathly hallows and yet twilight fans are still trying to convince people that it is the votes that decides the MTV movie awards winners when everyone knows the truth of how MTV is nothing more than a corrupt organisation that goes out of their way to favour twilight above other films by rigging the votes.

    Why is it only a twilight trailer for the VMA’s? Why not The Hobbit which will be a superior film in every way.

    MTV has chosen once again to cater to twilight fans in return for publicity and ratings.

    Its time peoplle expose the fraud that is MTV awards and no twilight fan should shut them up.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Shoker! MTV ran a video that is in their main demographic in attempts to have people watch their programming! As opposed to say Hobbit fans that aren’t their main demographic? Alert the media

  7. Great shot of Garrett getting shocked by Kate!
    Hold on to her Garrett!
    So excited for this movie!

  8. Hello,

    Have you seen my tweet ? I gave you some screencaps you asked :

  9. I love that you posted that picture of Jane. That eyeliner is RIDICULOUS and horrible and SOOOOO something that would NEVER be in the books.

    Every movie, the unchangeable vampires’ hair changes drastically (Carlisle & Jaspers wigs just get worse & worse), the “incredibly beautiful” vampires who need no artificial enhancment have MORE make-up on and are getting less & less pale. Thank goodness there are no more movies left to film or they’d all end up looking like Malibu Barbi’s & Ken’s…

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