Final Breaking Dawn Trailers Coming to MTV and Yahoo Movies

According to Summit Entertainment,


Get a 1st look at the very last #BreakingDawn-Part2 trailer during @MTV’s #VMA tomorrow! Full trailer premieres Fri on @YahooMovies!


  1. sweet

  2. Very excited to see it but getting to point where I really don’t want to finish :S


  4. This will be cool and something to look forward too.

  5. The last trailer… :'(
    I read this during school. People didn’t like my screaming so much… :p

  6. 71 days to go!!! So excited to see the movie but a little apprehensive about the ending change. Oh well, it is what it is. Will wait until Friday and check out Yahoo movies as I just can’t stomach MTV VMA show or any awards shows for that matter. Celebrities make huge amounts of cash and then they have to reward themselves with awards shows too. It’s just sad they are so greedy and in need of attention. Also, besides a few music artists, there isn’t much out there that I would call music anyway. The voices are almost all electronically altered, the beat is the same and some can’t play an instrument or read music. They just look good and can move when choreographed so that equals a star nowadays. Too bad.

  7. Chela Madison says:


  8. Mella Cullen says:

    A sneak peak has just been released on MTV and on Twilight’s official FB page.

  9. I now regret giving away my tickets to the VMAs….. Stupid school. Aghhhh.

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