Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makes Yahoo Movies Top Ten Fall List

Yahoo movies has a rundown of their 10 most anticipated movies of this fall and Breaking Dawn part 2 is on the list.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/16) — As the “Twilight” saga winds down, we’ll finally know what happens to Bella, now that she’s tied the knot with her whey-faced beloved Edward and had their creepy love child Renesmee. Of course, the Volturi, that European bureaucracy of the undead, have taken a very dim view of our heroes’ lifestyle choices. And while the movie itself promises some sparkly vampire-on-vampire violence, press events for the movie might prove to be just as tense following the very public real-life break up of stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. What’s a Twi-hard to do?

Check out the full list on Yahoo movies.


  1. Voronochka262 says

    “love child” ??? They were married…..

    • And she’s not a creepy child! But an “extraordinary” child…get it right Yahoo…don’t mess with our TSBD2!! LOL

  2. seriously, do they have to bring up that nonsense? its got nothing to do with the movie!!

    PS renesmee is not creepy and she is not a love child!