Bill Condon Gave Judi Shekoni a Peak at Breaking Dawn PArt 2

Judi Shekoni who plays Zafrina in Breaking Dawn Part 2 loved working with director Bill Condon. She even got a special treat!

Fanhattan: What was it like working with Bill Condon?

Judi Shekoni: It was just wonderful. I think that was one of the highlights of booking the movie to where it was such a prominent director who had so much success and he geuinely inspired me that the people who are at the top genuinely are lovely, authentic real people because he is. I don’t think there was a single moment where he ever raised his voice, ever got outraged, ever made anyone feel anything less than special. From the moment we got the part and were taken out to Baton Rouge and we had private meetings with Bill to discuss our characters to the very last day of shooting on the saga, we were doing a bit of additional shooting. Bill brought his iPad and played it and showed us a little bit of our entrance and some of our scenes. Just from the moment I got the part until the end of shooting, he’s managed to give everybody individual attention and really have such an eye for detail. It was an awesome experience.

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