Christina Perri Hints She’ll Have Track on Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack

This weekend Christina Perri appeared at Hartford radio station 96.5’s Acoustic Cafe where she played a couple of sets…and let some interesting info drop about her and Breaking Dawn part 2.

“I might have seen the last film (Breaking Down Part Two) too, and it’s pretty amazing,” she teased, before adding. “I might be involved in that. I’m not really allowed to say though… just a hint.” And with the bomb dropped that Christina may be back for another round of Twilight music, she played her last song, joking “I’m sucking at secrets today!”

Hear it in Perri’s own words right here. Do you want her back on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack.


  1. Yes, I want her back! Along with Florence + the Machine, Paramore, Muse…

  2. That would be amazing if she’s on the part 2 soundtrack. A Thousand Years is my favorite song from part 1. I love that she’s a fan and you can tell that she’s a fan.

  3. Aghhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    This is such GREAT news.

  4. I think Blue October should definitely be on the soundtrack because, other than Muse, they have the most songs on Stephanie’s list. Muse I don’t think is essential because they’ve been on 3 out of 4 already. Not that Muse would be bad, but I think B.O. is the most important at this point.

  5. I’d love to have Muse, even if they do hate us.

  6. I would love Christina Perri on BD2. And can they release another DVD with music videos (the 1st one says part 1). I love the music videos and lots of extras for the last DVD.

  7. Band of skulls 🙂

  8. I know alot of people liked her song, and I’m not saying she is a bad artist, but I was actually disappointed in her and Bruno Mars being on the Breaking Dawn 1 soundtrack. I think it threw off the whole altrock/indie vibe. Sorry I don’t mean of offend anyone.

  9. How about NO.
    Christina Perri and her tasteless music are as bland as they come. She doesn’t have to be as outlandish as Lady Gaga or Rihanna, but she is so, so boring. A total waste of space, and the same for her music. Twilight can do waaaaay better than Christina. Sorry, not sorry.

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  11. I feel that she belongs on the next album=)

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