Ashley Greene on Potter, Twilight, and Opening Doors

More cute quotes from Ashley Greene as she continues her PR tour for The Apparition which opens today!

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On Harry Potter and Twilight (Next Movie)

Tom Felton, a.k.a Draco Malfoy from “Harry Potter,” also stars in the film. Did you guys swap wizard/vampire stories?
We talked about it a little bit, just about how crazy it is to be a part of something like that. He is just the nicest guy, and we were talking about how it changes everything in a second and how thankful we were, and the madness of how quickly it happened. We didn’t necessarily trade creepy vampire/wizard stories.

On Harry Potter and Twilight (Shockya!)

ShockYa: You share the screen some with Tom Felton, who of course is part of another huge franchise, in the form of “Harry Potter.” Did you exchange any funny franchise fan stories with him?

AG: (laughs) No, but I guess they’re pretty similar – lots of screaming people, and just kind of the intensity of it all, and the zero-to-sixty experience of it was what we talked about, coming from not really doing much (beforehand) and becoming part of a book series and then it just exploding. We chatted some about just how you kind of become family with these people.

ShockYa: What’s been your strangest fan experience — some have asked you to bite them, I understand?

AG: Oh yes, we get that. I mean most of the guys get that — the guys get more of the crazy requests than the girls do, (and) because Alice (Cullen) is so bubbly and lovable and kind of that best friend, [my experience] mainly consists of hugs and pleasant compliments. But the guys get some crazy requests, and biting is definitely one of them. (laughs)