Twilight Reference in New Butter Trailer

Ashely Greene has a bit part in the new movie Butter. They just released a new trailer and there is a Twilight reference, see if you catch it!


  1. Ooooh, I caught it!! 1:38, the man said ‘this place is filled with good looking British vampires’ !!!! ūüėÄ Do you think they did that on purpose because Ashley Greene is in it? ^_^
    This movies looks funny, I wanna watch it!

  2. This movie looks hilarious! I caught another one, at the end the guy says, “Gasp, I said it out loud!”

  3. Ha – I love seeing the butter carvings at our state fair each year. This is a hysterical play on that. And yeah, the Twilight reference wasn’t hidden at all LOL


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